Well met! This is Kourinakis Cullach writing about an event near and dear to my heart, Brawl Night! 233 More Words

Have you noticed that your thigh rub is wearing a hole in your new Devilsaur Leggings more quickly than it should, or that your sword slips and slides in the grasp of your Devilsaur Gauntlets? Then you may have been a victim of fraud by Raedorai, the crafty (no pun intended) kalordei leatherworker! 343 More Words

This is Vayle Manglewood reporting with the Grobbulus Times bringing you Volume 4 of our Well Met series. I arrived at the Ratchet Inn early as it is just right around the corner from the Grobbulus Times offices, and sat in anticipation fidgeting about not fully knowing what to expect from the interview subject that I was there to meet. 1893 More Words

I would like to remind everyone that we are still actively recruiting individuals to contribute to the paper, whether it be an official position or for fun! You can pick more than one job type if you are interested. 277 More Words

Shortly after the Opening Ceremony held in The Park weeks back, I was contacted by Krondus, a Kaldorei with a burning passion for his race's history. We met, and discussed the past and present of his journeys, touching on the elves' loss of immortality and his newfound community, the Everlook Trading Company. 1357 More Words

This is Curtis Anvilcrusher, bringing ye an update on the warfront between the Horde an' Alliance. At 6 bells on the 12th of the 9th month, the Alliance planned teh rally at Astranaar teh push against the Horde tha' keep pouring into Ashenvale from the Barrens. 265 More Words

Stormwind is by all accounts a city of hustle and bustle, craft and trade, training and scholarship. After a gathering as rowdy as our recent celebration of Solidarity, one can be pressed for a quiet corner for intellectual discourse. 1459 More Words

Hello, readers! This is Jansither, and today I am introducing to you the Times's first project, "Well Met". 166 More Words

This is Curtis Anvilcrusher writing teh ye from Ratchet with the Grobbulus Times. BREAKIN' NEWS! 257 More Words

This update is in regards to the murder that was reported two days ago, on 09/04/19. We have received a tip from a commenter of the Times regarding what appeared to be the murder of a dwarf, Shadow, in the Stormwind City Streets. 207 More Words

After bearing witness to the lively Solidarity Ceremony in Stormwind, I met up with one attendee by the name of Morton “Thickie” Thunderson, a dwarf paladin, at The Pig and Whistle Tavern in Old Town. Thunderson sat upstairs where he had already ordered a round of Dwarven Stout. 838 More Words

BREAKING: The Grobbulus Times have received a notice from an unknown distributor detailing the presence of a monster dubbed the "Witch of the Woods". A copy of the facial composite and note are attached below, for your reading convenience, straight from the source. 136 More Words

This article contains material that the reader may find disturbing. Your discretion is advised. 117 More Words

Hello, everyone! Jansither here, bringing to you today the official transcript of the Solidarity (Opening) Ceremony which was hosted by Gonebald. 1163 More Words

Elune-Adore, Alliance companions! I had the pleasure of meeting with Gonebald recently regarding the Opening Ceremony he is organizing. 1308 More Words

Graham "Buzzsaw" Hastings (44) announced today that he was retiring from the Azeroth Fighting League (AFL). This came after a thrilling finals battle against his own son Bob Hastings for the Eastern Kingdoms' division World Championship title. 396 More Words

An explosion rocked Gnomeregan this afternoon, with confirmed reports of an outpour of radiation and mass casualties. Initial reports suggest the explosion was caused by the release of grinding machines pressure valves, which caused the explosion, as well as the release of toxic radiation throughout the city. 159 More Words

BREAKING: Multiple eyewitness accounts of "incredible necromantic" activity at Deathknell.

🗞 Population Surge

We are receiving reports from officials at both Northshire Abbey and Red Cloud Mesa of a "sudden increase in migrant activity". This story is developing. 18 More Words

When creating a new post, you now have the option to enable in-character comments! Got a question about this new feature? 16 More Words

Hello, citizens of Goldshire! My name is Jansither, and I am one of the editors of the Grobbulus Times. 137 More Words

Ratchet — The Ratchet-based newspaper Grobbulus Times launched officially today, with the heading "A World Begins". 56 More Words

Booty Bay — The Grobbulus Gazette, based out of Booty Bay, has opened shop and is seeking cartoonists, artists, columnists, and writers. Interested? Apply now!

An epic journey awaits us. So let's take photos! 75 More Words

🛠 Character Portrait

You can now upload a character portrait by going to Me → Profile → Portrait. Max 1mb, it'll scale to fit. 10 More Words

Thunderbluff — A wild fire elemental of Bloodhoof Village, called "Aki Towa" by the locals, was put to ash on Tuesday, ending years of torment for the small village. The locals held a feast to celebrate, but many remain concerned the attacks may not be over. 46 More Words

🛠 Shadow Form

Eyes bleeding? Enter the shadow. 13 More Words

Stormwind — The Brotherhood of Northshire confirmed today that the renowned young priestess, Seraena, is in route to the Abbey, expected to arrive sometime within the next few weeks. 26 More Words

I created Grobbulus.org over the weekend to serve the community in a few ways: • News — Read (and publish! 67 More Words

New features! If you go to Me -> Post, you can now post various kinds of RP posts, including journal entries, news reports, satire news, opinion columns, and interviews. 49 More Words

🛠 Building Character

More updates! You can now set your faction, race, class, gender, and write a backstory for each of your chracters. 15 More Words

Multiple sources have now confirmed an attack is being planned by members of the Horde against Kalimdor's great tree, Teldrassil. The attack is expected "within weeks". 84 More Words

You can now post journal entries on Grobbulus.org. 80 More Words

🗞 Grobbaganda

Originally posted 38 More Words

You can now apply to join a guild from the guild page or from your character page under the Guild sub-tab. After applying, the respective guild owner will be prompted to review your character profile with the option to approve or deny. 23 More Words

Got inspired, grabbed this domain, spent the evening building v0.1 of this website. 3 More Words

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