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Onak, the son of Bloodhoof Village's birthing rite practitioner, looked up to his mother and how she helped people. He wanted to be a healer too. Due to a childhood run in with a fire elemental, Onak decided instead to pursue druidism as his means of healing.

Concerned with the orc population's fel taint and short supply of medics, he headed to Durotar to see how he could help . . .

Journal Entries

It feels good to be back home. It feels good to be fighting honestly. 19 More Words

I've just received a letter from a courrier from Chief Hawkwind. I'm needed at Red Cloud Mesa. 191 More Words

She was the one with the Plainstrider who gave me her bed back in Camp Taurajo the night I fled home. She was the kind soul that saw a troubled bull and left well enough alone. 206 More Words

I didn't get to spend much time with Nakk in the Crossroads yesterday, but what little time I did get was marvellous. She explained first and foremost that I have to be gruff in Durotar. 305 More Words

Most of the page is ripped out, only a few words remainRage with mother crept up on me today. Idon't wish this on her. 16 More Words

What a blur this has been. I met a wonderful, beautiful orc on the road from Camp Taurajo and she joined me for my travels. 377 More Words

I traveled threw most of the night. I made it to Camp Taur'ajo despite the large and danjerus thunder lizards just past our great gate. 182 More Words

This is the werst day of my life. I can’t belive my own mother talked to me that way. 115 More Words