Journal Entries

Stormwind is hurting. No, it's not just Stormwind. 620 More Words

What does a Pillar of Community look like? For this resident of Stormwind it looks like House Blackstone. 1034 More Words

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My Grave Diggers were doing good work. I quickly came to be unable to manage a lot of things on my own. 529 More Words

It was a novel idea, inspired by reading Alcmene had done while in Northshire Abbey. It would take a lot of work, and a lot of people from different disciplines, but she could do it. 307 More Words

After the first invasion of the Orcs, Stormwind fell and the residents of the region escaped north to Lordaeron. With precious little time to prepare, a second war with the Orcs broke out. 1034 More Words