Journal Entries

Saturday night kicked off the campaign trail for two Stormwind City Council Seats with the race’s first candidate forum. Six would-be councilors spoke of their platforms and answered questions from both moderators and audience. 361 More Words

This past Wednesday evening, just as the sun was setting over the savanna, Northwatch Hold’s outer towers came under attack. These assaults were surgical strikes orchestrated by a group of Forsaken infiltrators known as the Hand of Lordaeron, seemingly meant to cripple the garrison for future acts of Horde hostility and aggression despite the growing threat in Silithus. 211 More Words

House Sentinel Cleared in Kidnapping Investigation! Late last week, a joint operation between the Stormwind Justicars and the City Guard saw the estate of House Sentinel occupied and searched. 386 More Words

Some weeks ago, Grobbulus Times had reported on the murder of several Stormwind citizens and subsequent escape of rogue warlock, Niktar of the Obsidian Sun Company. A collective sigh of relief was breathed when this fugitive was recently captured by Justicar forces on the fringes of the Capital. 208 More Words

Another set of fliers have descended upon the streets of Stormwind and Ironforge – this time promoting an odd journey to the Kaldorei capital. They document a supposed plan to vacate the two cities and occupy Darnassus for a weekend, proposing that Stormwind will “get a full top down cleaning” and Ironforge will be “rented out” while the citizenry is away. 172 More Words

In the dusk of a late-winter night, lost souls may stumble through the darkness of Stormwind’s back alleys and hidden passages. For most, it is unclear what these shadows look for, but for others it is very apparent. 378 More Words