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Journal Entries

It took me a long time to finally sit down and write this, given the gravity of the situation. As has already been reported elsewhere, the druid Lantana has recently passed away, though not by natural means. 336 More Words

I have previously written an article in this very paper about the dangers of dark magic users in this city. It is with no pleasure, then, that I have come across a report that the Justicars - the group responsible for hunting dark magic users within the city - may contain some bad actors of their own. 174 More Words

It was a hectic scene this morning in the Trade District of our great city. Shop-signs were reverted back to normal, several mock-doors were removed from stone walls, and cleanup was undertaken across the entire cityscape. 93 More Words

Much emphasis as of late has been placed on fel or demonic magic, but it is not only warlocks that can manifest darkness. Any user of magic, even those who focus on the Light or nature, can cave into their darker natures and use their powers for ill. 191 More Words