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Journal Entries

The wave of gnomish protests over labor concerns which have plagued supply lines across the front have finally been put to rest, but not with any payoffs or usual tactics. Xaxdorei Cartel representatives, in cooperation with the Marshals of the War Campaign, shocked the business world today with an announcement of labor camps once more being opened in the wake of ongoing conflicts. 380 More Words

The Alliance has proven itself to be a beast that is slow to be roused from slumber. Its combined forces are vast and its industries are without equal, but there are many mouths to feed and palms to grease where any considerable dispatch of its forces are concerned. 1023 More Words

Patrons of Stormwind’s Golden Tree Tavern were interrupted from their revelries last Thursday when a fel-user assaulted the gathering. Using a presumably hired assassin as a decoy, the warlock, identified as one “Niktar,“ attacked patrons and the building alike, causing mild property damage. 254 More Words

It has been a long decade since the Third War's conclusion. A long decade of rebuilding, nursing wounds, and grieving for those lost to the predations of the most abominable beings our world has ever known: The Undead and Demons. 539 More Words