Looking for like minded individuals to form or join a “Holy Order” ( RP- PvP focus) plan on leveling as prot, and playing Ret - PvP at 60, will swap to holy for possible raiding groups - Let me know! :) discord is SerCavanaugh#9271


(Work in Progress)
Full Name: Sir Russell Cavanaugh
Nicknames: Cav
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 200 lbs
Place of residence: Southshore
Place of Birth: Southshore
Known Relatives: Sir Gregory Cavanaugh ( Father ) - Knight of Lordearon, Deceased.; Lady Susan Cavanaugh (Mother), Deceased.
Religion/Philosophy: Holy Light
Group/Guild affiliation:
Guild Rank:
Weapons of Choice: Two Handed Weapons - Prefers Swords
Dislikes: Any who would bring harm to those that cannot defend themselves.
Hobbies: Devotes most of his time to honing his combat skills, studying the Holy Light and its teachings.
Physical Features: A robust Knight, slightly larger than an average human, a few scars hidden by armor, one larger one starting near his upper right shoulder and going towards the middle - left of his abdomen. A small cut above his left eye.
Special Abilities: None to speak of other than that of a normal Paladin.
Positive Personality Traits: Charming and Charismatic, devout in his faith, dedication to his cause, very well spoken and well read.
Negative Personality Traits: Youthful and arrogant at times, uncompromising, lacks empathy to people he sees as enemies - justice before mercy, zealous in his religious beliefs, not particularly tolerant of other systems of belief - considers it blasphemy and / or heresy.

- Recently initiated to the Silver Hand, has left Southshore and set out on a quest to defend the innocent and spread the teachings of the Holy Light.

Journal Entries

I have departed, overwrought with anticipation as Southshore slowly faded into the ocean mists...As my initiation into the Silver Hand has completed, my sense of accomplishment tempered by my desire to have my mother and father present to witness it. 81 More Words