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Name: Doraku Redleaf
Nicknames: N/A
Age: 14,392
Gender: Male
Orientation: Heterosexual
Occupation: Fighter
Personality: Conflict and suffering first broke Doraku, but the passage of time eroded the jagged pieces. What is left is Kaldorei with little patience or tact but plenty of unresolved issues.

Eye Color: Amber
Hair Color: White
Skin Tone: Soft Pink
Height: 7'8"
Notable Markings: N/A
Build: Statuesque
Strengths: Adept in melee combat, a mind for tactics, natural survivor
Weaknesses: An unhealthy amount of bloodthirst towards certain foes, serial loner, trouble communicating

Place of Birth: Zin-Ashari
Residence: Nomadic
Relationship Status: Single
Parents: Tomoe and Munisai Redleaf
Siblings: Suruhi Redleaf (Older Sister)
Children: N/A
Other Relations: Evira Everstar, an old family friend
Pets/Companions: N/A
Affiliations: N/A

[Deeper Insight]
Likes: Quiet nights, fresh warm food
Dislikes: Demons, Orcs, the Horde, Naga, the Scourge, Qiraji
Motivation: Doraku drowns his lurking sorrows in bloodshed, hoping that the foe he faces while defending Night Elf land will bring him peace, one way or another.


Doraku's family was on the rise in Night Elf society, swiftly climbing the rungs to nobility. Tomoe was an expert archer and rider, while Munisai's grasp on the arcane granted them a foothold in the upper echelons of the Highborne. First came Suruhi, the spitting image of her mother, with her talent to match. Next, Doraku, who quickly becoming a gifted artisan, Doraku rejoiced in spreading his family's wares, be they magical trinkets or finery for mounts.

Years, decades, centuries went by, and the Redleafs did their part. Both Tomoe and Suruhi would become Priestesses of the Moon. Munisai would help advance the Highborne's knowledge of magic, while steering clear of the extravagant lifestyle they lead. Doraku, however, began to feel unclear in his role. His contributions, in his mind, felt minuscule in comparison to the rest of his family's. Deciding to make a name for himself, he joined the Guard of Suramar.

Doraku quickly learned that the blade suited him well. He learned to fight, and he learned to fight well. He learned how to handle a bow, but he felt most able in close quarters.

The Sundering and Aftermath

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