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Journal Entries

Stormwind has often been thought a city of opposites, of progression and stagnation, of tradition and innovation all at once. City officials, during the final month of this ever-hopeful writer’s, deemed that the war had drawn away too many of the nobility and ranking members of title from the politics and management of the City itself. 297 More Words

Stormwind, in these last few troubled and conflicting months, has seen a veritable explosion of fel and nether activities. Cartels, seedy taverns, these sorts of dark corners have often held refuge for the outcast or unaccepted in the Alliance, and rumors have persisted for months of small refuges and covens of Warlocks within Stormwind’s own walls. 272 More Words

Writer-extraordinaire Elyanne Fasate is back in action after a brief stint in the clink of our most anti-journalistic Capital, Stormwind! Of all the various herbs and concoctions used by our fair and more unfair residents, Bloomdust is by far one of the most common and yet least confiscated narcotics dirtying the streets of our city. 429 More Words