A young warrior just beginning to learn the sword.

Journal Entries

The sun was more than half way to the tree tops when Heinz was moving again. He began to wonder if he would have to find some bushes to sleep under or if he would reach Stormwind first when the backdrop of trees finally broke to reveal something new. 1555 More Words

The high pitch screeches pursued him. A short burst of repeating barks, they flailed his legs to keep pumping. 1858 More Words

Heinz woke with a gasp. The sudden rush of cold air into his lungs caused him to cough for a moment. 2174 More Words

Icy water sprayed them again as the small boat crashed into another wave. Watching the crew lean forward to give another heave to the oars, Heinz barely noticed the difference from the pelting rain, unseen but felt in the dark of night. 1971 More Words