Holstein Windstrider


A Tauren pathfinder that wishes to travel the world in search of druidic knowledge. His only true quest is to become a druid and bring pride to his clan, and the memory of his ancestors.

He will do whatever is necessary to learn the ways of nature, even if he has to befriend every single spell slinger, ritual chanting, juice making, flea-having, tree-hugging and fluffy druid there is in Azeroth.

Early Life
Holstein was born into a herd part of a small tribe of hunter-bards, the Wildstrider Clan. They told fables of wisdom and ancient tradition passed down for generations, tales of powerful tauren and the pets that accompanied them, of powerful sages that healed the earth and the ill, of tauren that took the form of fearsome beasts to protect the tribe.

At a young age, he took great interest in druid rituals and would be the bane of the elders who had to endure his constant pestering. Days were filled with tales of wondrous magic and the rare sightings of these powerful wielders of the might of the Earth Mother. He quickly learned every tale his herd knew at the time, and left in hunger for more.

Taking part in a trader caravan to meet with the Wildmane tribe, a tribe with close ties to his that just recently re-engaged in druidism, tales of them becoming beasts to fight alongside their warriors spread among the caravans, he finally found them and spent the rest of his childhood in the tutelage of their sages, sharing the tales of his people and learning everything he could to become a druid.

Alas, Holstein was never destined to become a tauren druid. He has tried since then to summon any energy, communicate with any spirit, transform into any shape, with no avail. Following every step didn’t work, doing exactly what his fellow apprentices would do didn’t work, doing anything the elders told him didn’t work.

Frustrated with the fruitless teachings of the Wildmane clan, he returned home to his herd in southern Mulgore, bringing tales of arrogant druids who would not teach their art to anybody but their own kind. Failure did not douse the fire in his heart, he would become one with nature, even if it took a lifetime.

The Journey Ahead
Holstein now awaits the day when he can finally begin his rites into the Great Hunt, so he can prove himself a tauren worthy of his name and start his quest to find a druid trainer who will ignore the fact he is obviously not a nature apprentice. He would even take a bear teaching him the ways at this point.

Journal Entries

The day when the elder allows me to take the initiation rites into the Great Hunt approaches. I am ready, there is nothing else for me to learn here.