Jansither <Eclipse> CM


A priestess-turned-druid who, in her early days, provided paid and unpaid full-time support for those in need. However, she has since been approached by the Ratchet-based Venture Co Press upon their discovery of her published investigative journals, and now holds the title of editor-in-chief of the Grobbulus Times.

Guild: <Moonstriders>, Guild Master
Partner: Callush Cromwell, human rogue

Extended: https://grobbulus.fandom.com/wiki/Jansither_Moonhaze

Journal Entries

Have you noticed that your thigh rub is wearing a hole in your new Devilsaur Leggings more quickly than it should, or that your sword slips and slides in the grasp of your Devilsaur Gauntlets? Then you may have been a victim of fraud by Raedorai, the crafty (no pun intended) kalordei leatherworker! 343 More Words

I would like to remind everyone that we are still actively recruiting individuals to contribute to the paper, whether it be an official position or for fun! You can pick more than one job type if you are interested. 277 More Words

Shortly after the Opening Ceremony held in The Park weeks back, I was contacted by Krondus, a Kaldorei with a burning passion for his race's history. We met, and discussed the past and present of his journeys, touching on the elves' loss of immortality and his newfound community, the Everlook Trading Company. 1357 More Words

Hello, readers! This is Jansither, and today I am introducing to you the Times's first project, "Well Met". 166 More Words

This update is in regards to the murder that was reported two days ago, on 09/04/19. We have received a tip from a commenter of the Times regarding what appeared to be the murder of a dwarf, Shadow, in the Stormwind City Streets. 207 More Words

BREAKING: The Grobbulus Times have received a notice from an unknown distributor detailing the presence of a monster dubbed the "Witch of the Woods". A copy of the facial composite and note are attached below, for your reading convenience, straight from the source. 136 More Words

This article contains material that the reader may find disturbing. Your discretion is advised. 117 More Words

Hello, everyone! Jansither here, bringing to you today the official transcript of the Solidarity (Opening) Ceremony which was hosted by Gonebald. 1163 More Words

Elune-Adore, Alliance companions! I had the pleasure of meeting with Gonebald recently regarding the Opening Ceremony he is organizing. 1308 More Words

When creating a new post, you now have the option to enable in-character comments! Got a question about this new feature? 16 More Words

Hello, citizens of Goldshire! My name is Jansither, and I am one of the editors of the Grobbulus Times. 137 More Words