Journal Entries

I suppose it is time that I make a start on this journal, to document all of what is to come. In the dead hours of noon, I had taken a journey south of Dolanaar, towards the very rim of Teldrassil. 913 More Words

I must write down these thoughts, before their tumultuations overwhelm my mind. It has been 21 moons since the birth of our firstborn. 1108 More Words

"I'm sure I don't need to tell you about how loyal these ones are." Agami tossed the fish upwards, pushing Zebei to jump up and snap it up in his beak. 2404 More Words

As night fell upon Teldrassil, Kai'mara placed her whetstone back on the table of her public house, and sheathed her blade. Emboldened with resolve, she strode out into the night. 1601 More Words

Kai'mara peered out at the skies above her, arcing her head out of the ship's cabin. The piercing, burning streaks of violet alerted her towards the presence of the sun, so she resolved to shelter herself beneath her parasol. 2143 More Words

To dream is to peer into a water's reflection, and to drown within an intangible refraction. The blind see through the light. 1882 More Words

The elven woman immersed her gnarled hands into the moonwell, and closed her eyes. Strumming the waters was an all-too familiar act, one that returned her to a muted version of ineffable histories, holding back a flood that had overtaken her many, many times. 498 More Words