Kelladis Press

Journal Entries

Ahoy, Reader, Kelladis Ourano here to shed some light on the details of my campaign for Stormwind City Council this Summer. I am running for the Old Town representative seat and would like for you to consider voting for me in this upcoming election. 248 More Words

Ahoy and avast, people of the Alliance. I have returned to continue the enthralling tale that I began last week, so that you may find a stroke of maritime entertainment in your lives. 348 More Words

Ahoy and avast, people of Stormwind, Ironforge, or wherever you’ve found this paper. I, Kelladis Ourano, have decided to share with you all Totally Legitimate Tales from my times at sea. 318 More Words

Being of a certain profession belonging to the freedom of sea life and worldwide travel, there are many surprisingly things I have insight of. With these grand experiences, I find it important that I assist the people of my new community with advice. 88 More Words