Mckuden <Eclipse>

Former Knight of the Silver Hand.


August Mckuden was born and raised on westfall, into a family of dedicated farmers. At young age, and due to his obvious conection with the light, was recruited into the ranks of the Knights of the Silver Hand, where he studied for years to become a paladin.
After the death of Uther the Lightbringer, August rejected a proposition from his librarians superiors to join the new funded Scarlet Crusade; and returned to his homeland for his ongoing search for redemption and peace.
He thinks that Uther and Therenas are as responsible as Arthas for the atrocities done at Stratholme, and his loyalty to the Alliance has never been lower.
"A spoiled child reduced a town of our own people to ashes! killed everyone!, and we just turned our backs to him and let him do it as pleased, we did! we, the bearers of the light! ... The light saves no one, lad. You have to do it yourself..."

Journal Entries

This is not good. We haven spoke in years, yet, he specifically called for me... 45 More Words

Murlocs are such a pest. And theres barely any stretch of beach where u dont find one, staring at you with those huge eyes; and when I look back at them, I know those bastards are thinking about stealing my fish. 150 More Words

Yesterday, I heard some noises behind a nearby tree. When I went to see what was all about, I saw this little kitten barely breathing, trying with all his forces to stay on this world... 144 More Words

Something big is coming. I saw the deputy this morning, he was asking in the name of the kingdom for all our spare goods... 128 More Words

Maybe this new journal will help me to ease these cold nights, as they are getting longer and longer. I just returned from Stormwind, bought some liquor and a new shovel!. 62 More Words