Adventurous, Aristocratic, Inspiring to allies, Dreaded by Foes. Motivated by Revenge.


Morgana von Mournhammer, Hailing from Brightwood, her youth was misspent. Morgana's parents forced her into Priesthood to curb her wild behavior. The studies of the Light honed Morgana's focus onto greater things, although she found that action was more effective in spreading Its influence. traveling to Northshire to seek camaraderie and coaching from her cousin in the training of arms; to focus the Light's will, at the edge of a sword.

One hot summer day while sparring outside of the abbey, unwinding after a rapturous scripture lesson, she receives word from a courier that her family has been killed by rampaging Worgen. A feeling of despair washes over Morgana before cold anger forms in her heart, and avenging oaths are sworn.

Journal Entries

I was not the only adventurer making their way through the forest it seems. In fact the land was positively swarming! 93 More Words

I chopped my hair into a bob to keep it more manageable. I laid new clothes out by my bedside, alongside a giant mallet that I borrowed from the stables. 104 More Words

I now have an understanding of how i can wield the Light to heal myself and others, as well as a holy seal that i can use to bless my weapons. I hear from some of the Abbey's clergy that Adventurers have begun to spread across the realm from their homes and holdfasts. 5 More Words