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Journal Entries

Martin Openhand let out a barking laugh and clasped Droma's hand in both of his own, shaking before pulling her into a tight hug that left chrysanthemums all over her hair and shoulders. "Don't you know any orcs? 868 More Words

Durotar. Again. 2729 More Words

Droma Deadwatcher stood in the dust, staring skyward as Azeroth's moon slowly rolled down to the horizon. Sun would rise soon, and with it the shadows would concentrate and darken and stretch. 1274 More Words

Terror gripped Blue bodily as she turned in her sleep, journal tucked under her pillow, beads of perspiration clinging to her forehead as she endured a long and painful nightmare. Zahevere clung to her side, fingernails raking pleasantly across one green shoulder, at a loss for what to do to calm her wife's troubled mind. 1034 More Words

Garmax Trailbinder sat on his porch, contentedly patting the belly of a young hog that sprawled across his lap. All was umber as the sun tipped over the western horizon of Durotar, and the air around his family home was a rich bouquet of drying tobacco, sizzling pork, roasting greens, and the sticky-sweet cloying of a jug of mead fermenting underneath the deck. 997 More Words

The shadows are many things to many people. A weapon, a warren, a way to better know yourself. 1007 More Words

Martin Openhand decided to travel with the two lady adventurers for a while. Though they missed some of their usual privacy, and the typical rambunctiousness that came with it, having a stalwart companion who flirted ever so lightly with insanity brought a certain security to their travels. 669 More Words

Journal-mine, I need a heading. The mysteries of Azeroth are heavily guarded, and the one I thought to call my own had to be left behind a mile underground when we made our escape from Blackfathom. 1177 More Words

The fishing's good in Ratchet. I know, because now that we've had our fill of ancient temples and murderous magic, it's time for a little vacation- and when we realized we'd slept in an extra four hours this morning, we decided to let a warm, catlike laziness overtake us entirely. 490 More Words

I am still not whole- it hurts me terribly to draw on the soul's own living fire, and I am reminded that injuries take time to heal- it'll always be tender if I keep poking at it. But, Journal-mine, I am a sorcerer, and that is more than I could say when I woke this morning. 1231 More Words

The Knight of the Garden walked his quiet way through Ashenvale. Once, he had been a violent creature- a savage from the low kingdoms of the East, placed in charge of other savages whom he spent most of his time striking across the face for disobedience. 1739 More Words

There was no adventure today. Once again I have the wand, and once again Blue is resting. 1433 More Words

Zahevere sat at the campfire, turning her new fiddle between her knees and watching the flames. It had been a spur of the moment thing, thrusting an entire gold piece into that sailor's hand, but now she had it and it made all the difference in the world. 699 More Words

Blue has a little bit of a seasickness problem- some things never change- and is resting belowdecks. So once again, here I sit, pecking away at the page and introspecting on her behalf. 742 More Words

I promised Zee I would try not to dwell on what happened to me and focus on recovery instead. Journal-mine, that is very difficult. 917 More Words

So Promise is alive. That's a funny trick to play on me. 398 More Words

My name is ZAHEVERE, and with my own blood do I commit my name to this ensorcelled book. What I record here is the whole truth, insofar as a demon can be expected to tell it. 1293 More Words

We didn't waste any time getting out of Sun Rock. One day of pushing our luck is fine, but two... 679 More Words

Stonetalon looms again- but we're not going up asking for trouble, this time. The harpies have made their choice, and I'll respect that- even if the curiosity burns and burns and burns, they're buying their privacy with violence, and they can have it. 742 More Words

I am grateful for the Gold Road. Squishing our way across the flooded savanna, even for the few minutes it took to find those reliable old cobbles, was thoroughly unpleasant. 985 More Words

Rain doesn't come easy in The Barrens. The mile-high anvils of black cloud overhead are ripping the sky apart and filling it with painful blasts of daylight every other minute, and thunder- the thunder of rituals, the thunder called down on mountaintops, the planet's own angry bellows, roll constantly across the plains and through my chest, rattling my heart as easily as a child might shake a jar of fireflies. 537 More Words

Can't sell this one short, journal. The usual care with which I mark the passing of days is going to have to be set aside for a little... 1368 More Words

When I said the words, I think some naive part of my mind was convinced that everything would change all at once. That something magical would happen, and all the wrongs in the world would be set right at once, as we became an axis around which fate could spin. 919 More Words

After all of mother's theatrics and the barbs between us, I half-expected to find us wandering through the dust before sunset. Instead, a certain calm came over her that kept me nervous all evening- but for once, for a few hours, all really was as peaceful as it looked. 1005 More Words

Well, if it isn't my journal. I was wondering when I'd get you back. 1342 More Words

Okay, I lied. One more entry. 1040 More Words

This will be my last entry for a little while. I'm giving the book back to Blue after today- I have a feeling that my voice can only bring so much to this little chronicle, especially considering how different our attitudes are toward the pursuit of secrets. 917 More Words

I was the one who made the suggestion to leave Azshara. Too many misadventures. 1528 More Words

In an exercise I expect to find equal parts charming and confusing, she has handed me this journal she keeps. She bid me write whatever I want for the next little while, to compare how we chronicle the days. 1280 More Words

We were attacked! There's never any real rest on Azeroth, just the moments between lunatics jumping out of the bushes at you. 966 More Words

It feels like there's something missing with the previous page only half-filled, but whenever I look at that empty space I know I'll it'll all come back to me. The most wonderful night, like none other I've ever had. 523 More Words

After that strange dream of mine, Azshara seemed the most likely choice for our next leg of the journey. Well-provisioned and only ever-so-slightly behind schedule due to an early-morning rendezvous, we struck out into the unknown. 1203 More Words

Quite a day, oh journal of mine. One I would hate very much to forget. 1040 More Words

Seduction. Glamour. 633 More Words

I did not sleep well last night, and woke up not knowing where I was. The dream I had was the work of the spirits, I'm beginning to think- but which ones, and what they want with me that they'd show me that, I have no idea. 875 More Words

Droma the Sage walked the high road down from Stonetalon Peak today. I know, because I could spot those ink-stained hands and ringed tusks from a few hundred paces in the noontime sun. 898 More Words

Tonight we sat on a hill for a long time. She could make no more sense of the locket than I could, so for the time being it will remain safe and sound in the bottom of my pack. 600 More Words

I had nearly forgotten the thrill of a fair match in battle. Skomag was an old, done creature, and the Kul Tirans of the beach fort were miserable, over-eager things. 1513 More Words

Some sort of "Adventure Company" has set up in the mountains. Goblins, but they don't look terribly adventurous to me. 297 More Words

There are two ways we could go, and here I sit by the side of the Gold Road, unsure of which would do us any good. Stonetalon lies to the west, and I can see the beautiful mountains from here. 632 More Words

It was so hot today- and I've always told everyone how much I enjoy the heat. I blame Skomag- his sorcery went deeper than I gave him credit for. 1136 More Words

He fell upon me first. There's no excuse for it, I simply wasn't diligent. 832 More Words

If only Promise were here, he'd know what to do. He was a more traditional sort of sorcerer, I think, even if he was a stranger orc than most. 306 More Words

I almost can't believe we were followed. Did they not notice how big the sea was? 432 More Words

She told me her name, but repeating it is another story. It's a pretty tangle of "sss" and "zzz" that I'm relieved I didn't need when we fought together on the other side of the sea. 468 More Words

Life in Durotar is so like home that I can hardly believe we left. Despite what the humans tried to achieve across the sea, if that miserable portal had simply been built here, there would have been no war- only a new place for our clans, not so different, maybe even less treacherous. 211 More Words