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Former human warrior. Now an undead shadow priest.

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Type: Live DJ Dance Party Location: Booty Bay Live DJ Stream: https://www.twitch. 9 More Words

Thunder Bluff Amphitheater. Storytelling. 6 More Words

Southshore Host Ol' Borgar Brewing Co.

Join over 10 guilds in the battle for Ashenvale, this Saturday night at 6 PM Realm Time.

Hosted by Kurinator of the Hordinators. Friday the 13, at 4PM server time , Hordinators will be gathering before Orgrimaar. 135 More Words

Join Gonebald at Astranaar for a rally and march to the Barrens!

Everybody is invited to join us in the Park District of Stormwind for the 20th anniversary of the Second War. Gather with us to celebrate the strength and tenacity of the Alliance Soldiers that led to our many victories, and the determination to guide us through the defeats. 67 More Words

Today at the merchant coast near Ratchet, I met my first human. I helped him die then ate him. 41 More Words

Earlier today in the barrens I found an incredible artifact! I don't know its history, but it's clearly infused with magical power. 64 More Words

An explosion rocked Gnomeregan this afternoon, with confirmed reports of an outpour of radiation and mass casualties. Initial reports suggest the explosion was caused by the release of grinding machines pressure valves, which caused the explosion, as well as the release of toxic radiation throughout the city. 159 More Words

BREAKING: Multiple eyewitness accounts of "incredible necromantic" activity at Deathknell.

We are receiving reports from officials at both Northshire Abbey and Red Cloud Mesa of a "sudden increase in migrant activity". This story is developing. 18 More Words

Ratchet — The Ratchet-based newspaper Grobbulus Times launched officially today, with the heading "A World Begins". 56 More Words

Booty Bay — The Grobbulus Gazette, based out of Booty Bay, has opened shop and is seeking cartoonists, artists, columnists, and writers. 25 More Words

An epic journey awaits us. So let's take photos! 75 More Words


A cockroach. Has a nice smile!

A bird-like humanoid from Yonder Pond that eats worms.

You should check out Bob's Book of Shadow & Fire. It's cool.

It's quite the sight to behold! It was first discovered at Yonder Pond by Doya.

You can now upload a character portrait by going to Me → Profile → Portrait. Max 1mb, it'll scale to fit. 10 More Words

Stormwind — New evidence suggests Ursal the Mauler may not be responsible for the increased Gnarlpine violence at Starbreeze and the Ban\'ethil Barrow Den. Many Night Elves have been harmed or displaced from the recent Gnarlpine attacks in Teldrassil. 226 More Words

Thunderbluff — A wild fire elemental of Bloodhoof Village, called "Aki Towa" by the locals, was put to ash on Tuesday, ending years of torment for the small village. The locals held a feast to celebrate, but many remain concerned the attacks may not be over. 46 More Words

Eyes bleeding? Enter the shadow. 13 More Words

Stormwind — The Brotherhood of Northshire confirmed today that the renowned young priestess, Seraena, is in route to the Abbey, expected to arrive sometime within the next few weeks. 26 More Words

I created over the weekend to serve the community in a few ways: • News — Read (and publish! 67 More Words

New features! If you go to Me -> Post, you can now post various kinds of RP posts, including journal entries, news reports, satire news, opinion columns, and interviews. 49 More Words

I don't know who I am, but I'm awake. Vague memories. 21 More Words

More updates! You can now set your faction, race, class, gender, and write a backstory for each of your chracters. 15 More Words

Multiple sources have now confirmed an attack is being planned by members of the Horde against Kalimdor's great tree, Teldrassil. The attack is expected "within weeks". 84 More Words

You can now post journal entries on 80 More Words

Originally posted 38 More Words

You can now apply to join a guild from the guild page or from your character page under the Guild sub-tab. After applying, the respective guild owner will be prompted to review your character profile with the option to approve or deny. 23 More Words

Got inspired, grabbed this domain, spent the evening building v0.1 of this website. 3 More Words