"They don't cast spells like that anymore".


WIP Character.

A Night Elf that looks back on his early days with fond memories. Although he still has a good time in the world, a lot has changed. Renzi spends his time reminiscing about the olden days, "Oh if only you could see the spells you used to cast.. and the armour! It was literally epic!" he'd say, only to be made fun of by the youth of his village, "Who even uses Boomkin form nowadays? It's ancient magic!", "Epic armor? What's so special about that?", "Quit talking about the olden times, Boomer.". The climate of the world has been shifted to being efficient and quick with all tasks, as to not waste any of the inhabitants precious time, but Renzi wanted to have fun with his ancient magic and explore the world to it's limits. It was time for Renzi to move on from his small village and begin exploring the lands he's been a part of for hundreds of years..

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