For some reason or another, Selinette's master has fallen. Perhaps he was never that holy to begin with, the stench of alcohol never left his tunic nor did the women leave his room at night when he thought Selinette wouldn't hear.

He had saved her, of course, and he was her master, she respected and followed in his steps to the best of her ability. It was the day that he sold his sword, the sword that had saved her, that Selinette left.

Stealing what little money they had, she ran off, purchasing back the blade and running to her home of Stormwind, where she pleaded to join the Silver Hand. With the Light’s blessing upon her, Selinette quickly rose to become a squire.

Now, she is sent on assignment constantly to prove herself and to aid the Alliance. Wherever trouble may be, Selinette chased it there. She strives to prove herself to those she sees as worthy of her respect.

Journal Entries

The parchment is covered in a mixture of blood, dirt, and tears. The corners are ripped as sloppy quill marks cover the pages. 133 More Words

My mentor told me writing one of these would help me calm myself during moment of struggle, so here I am. I'm writing this from within the Silver Hand barracks... 105 More Words