Shadowbathed <Deathstalkers>

Looking for Alliance to eat!

Journal Entries

Ive spent much longer than I would've liked in the Barrens and surrounding areas. The sun is much too hot and sears whatever exposed skin I have so I spend so much of my time going from tree to tree just to hide in the shade so I don't start smelling like cooked rotting corpse. 710 More Words

It's been 3 days and I'm still in this horrendous expanse called "The Barrens". Gods do I see why they call it that now. 333 More Words

I skulked around for the last two days. Killing and skinning enemies in the Barrens. 257 More Words

I finally got up to realize I was actually in a crypt with loads of other walking corpses. I'm not sure what's happening - but I know one thing. 113 More Words

It's dark, I can't see anything like I'm in some sort of box. I feel super stiff like I haven't moved in weeks and I'm starving. 5 More Words