((This character is a little shy, but don't let that fool you, she'd still love to make friends! Perhaps inquire as to the nature of the book she likely has her nose in?))


Age 22 years. 7'10" / 239cm tall (short, for a Tauren) Hair worn in two long braids. Off white fur with blonde spots. Sandy, mid length, downward pointed horns. Soft features. "Baby faced." Greenish blue eyes. Small, round lensed glasses with bronze frames & no arms, worn pressed gently on the snout.

Her memories begin in her youth within the orphanage in Thunder Bluff. She is told her family had attempted to settle a small farm in the Southern Barrens. She was found aimlessly wandering the dirt path northward, oblivious. The matron likened the luck of an infant tauren trouncing through the arid & hostile environment unharmed for even a moment to nothing short of a gift from the Earthmother herself.

Ensuing search parties located where the family had set up temporary shelters & begun to settle. Only cinders remained of their hide huts, the adults, their belongings, and their Kodo missing entirely. Search parties at the time noted in the visible distance gigantic encroaching vines among the hills.

Under the care of the primarily druidic matrons, Sunja as she was named, (her clan name lost with her family) was introduced to magic, as were all of her peers, then. However she performed poorly & the Matrons insisted, as she had been 'chosen' years ago, that she yet had innate hidden gifts yet to be seen, and eventually persisted in punishing her in an attempt to push her to succeed. Meanwhile, her peers both excommunicated & bullied her because of this perceived special treatment, as well as her nickname & it's namesake, Sunja the Sightless. It was not understood she was simply terribly nearsighted.

That is until she and several of the oldest Tauren children, Sunja herself being of 12 years, were moved to the orphanage in Orgrimmar, where "the older children could be better accomodated." In reality, while that was true, the real reason was to recruit caretakers for the surging numbers of orphaned children in the Horde's capital city as the fires of war continued to burn brightly.

In a young Orgrimmar she was exposed to a different point of view on the world, & was reintroduced, with fresh perspective, to Shamanism. She had believed up to then that she had been abandoned by the touch of the Earthmother and her magics. Nevertheless, the Orcs and Trolls showed her a new perspective that resonated with her from which to connect with the elements & worship the Earthmother in all her glory. By age 15 she could weave weak nature magic for rudimentary healing & some basic ritual. She was also among a select few luckily donated a device referred to as a "pair of glasses" by a local engineer. Round glass discs held in a bronze frame, balanced on the nose, they allowed more precise vision up to a staggering distance compared to how little she could see before. With this and the passing of time, Sunja's abhorrent nickname faded to memory.

Years later into adulthood, she was released from her position at the Orgrimmar orphanage to heed the Call. She traveled to Camp Narache to begin her training as a Shaman; a champion of the Horde, in earnest.


Inexperienced, she often references profession & spell books which she carries with her in a wide linen pouch at her waist. Often fidgets with her braids, books, glasses, clothing, & in general.

Frequently caught with her nose in a book.

Journal Entries

I have been through a tumult of late, every day it would seem. As my magical skills had not advanced significantly since learning the hallowed Ghost Wolf form, I eventually swapped my pitted & scarred stave for something I never would have dreamed I would wield. 1118 More Words

I apologize that I haven't been writing, Journal. I've been frighteningly busy in a terribly literal way. 1327 More Words

Looking down in my three fingered palm at the pair of totems hanging around my neck, Earth and now Fire, as well, with a little assistance. My Searing Totem crackles at my enemies as they fall, alongside the ever present boon of my Strength of Earth and Stoneskin totems. 318 More Words

After training all week, today I finally had an entire day to myself. I didn't sleep in. 592 More Words

Gorak. The Bluffwatcher who whistled at me earlier this week. 869 More Words

Today we sparred with our compatriots once more, however, today we were permitted use of our magics. Rotating through partners, I saved my strength. 894 More Words

In comparison to yesterday, today was almost lazy. The students training on the Spirit Rise and I trained our Healing Wave spell. 849 More Words

Today was mostly spent on physical training. We the students were paired and, armed with a thick green switch and our shields, sparred with one and other for nearly the entire day. 507 More Words

Sweat curled through the fur on my back as I twisted, planting my hooves firmly, rooting myself in the earth, and bringing my hands together. I mumbled the words & electricity crackled between my fingers. 1063 More Words