Elune's favored


Taliea was stolen at an incredibly young age from her family. She was born in a hovel a few miles outside of Darnassus to poor parents of no proper lineage. She was sold off to a slaver ship when her parents could not afford to pay their dues and was shipped to Stormwind for sale before the age of 15. She was sold to a Human, Darius Jenkins.

Darius was not looking to purchase a Night Elf child as he crept through the docks to spy on the sales for that day.

Taliea didn't understand what was happening or why she was so far from home. Darius explained to her that he was her uncle and she was sent to live with him as he was going to train her to be a hunter, bestowing upon her a small coyote puppy that she named Peaches - after her favorite fruit.

Years passed as Taliea grew and learned under Darius, enhancing her hunter abilities alongside strengthening her bond with Peaches. Darius aged faster, being a human, and passed when Taliea was in her mid 60s. She did what she could to keep his farm running but found it behind on tax payments to the crown before ever inheriting it. She lost the farmlands, the only home she'd truly known, the year that she turned 85. It's been about 20 years since the loss of her uncle's land She's been wandering aimlessly, picking up odd jobs here and there to keep herself and Peaches fed as she moved from place to place.

Journal Entries

Furious scribbles line the page margins, signs that the ink and quill were perhaps not quite agreeing. I-- We've finished what things were required in Lakeshire. 74 More Words

Between adventures Taliea found a worn journal with the first handful of pages viciously torn out. She searched and questioned throughout Lakeshire but was unable to find the previous owner. 21 More Words

The evening of May 20th of the year 2020, Taliea joined the ranks of The Steelmason's Guild. Having seen the injustices through Stormwind, both in her young life and in her adventures, she heard the calling of Cillina Blakemore and her ancestors. 22 More Words