Death to the Horde, Glory to the Alliance!!


I was born in Aerie Peak in the western Hinterlands to a loving mother and father. My family is know for their ability to smith high quality weapons and armor. When I was 10 years old, the Revantusk tribe raided Aerie Peak. My father, being the honorable man he was, took up our family axe and attempted to fight off the trolls. With the aide of the Wildhammer Gryphon riders the trolls were defeated, but it was too late. As I emerged from our dwelling I saw my mother sobbing over my father\'s lifeless body, axe still in hand. That day I swore to my mother that I would use my ability in forge and combat to kill as many trolls as I could. One month to the day after my fathers death, my mother died of grief. She could not go on without her beloved husband. It is my mission in life to prevent any such events happening ever again. I spent many years at Aerie Peak training with the master-at-arms. Now I am ready to leave home and begin my journey of slaying as many Horde, and more importantly, trolls, as I can.

Journal Entries