Tresleches <DurotarGynecologists>

A keeper of peace between the abused youth and the parental units throughout Azeroth.


Tresleches Calmhoof was one of the several children that the mother of Onac Maplehorn successfully birthed in one of the smaller villages around Mulgore. The Calmhooves usually kept to themselves but had an undying urge to maintain peace and order among the many beasts in the area, even taming many as pets and companions. Tresleches took after her elders and had the animals of her domain in control, but she always had a affinity to nurture and make sure the early stages in the animal's lives were in the best conditions possibly. After many years she finally met Onac, the son of her mother's medicineman and saw that he was also interested in the younger lives of the orcs and others among Azeroth and from there Tresleches joined Onac's efforts with the specialization of making sure the youth of Azeroth stays in ideal conditions.

Journal Entries

The Barrens is one of the most fitting names for this place. There is almost no water in sight for acres upon acres of dry desert land. 311 More Words

I stay here sitting at the base of the smaller cliff sides overlooking to my future area of exploration; The Barrens. I am currently torn however as if going there in the immediate future would add extra burden to many of the creatures here in Mulgore. 229 More Words