(( Currently looking for a guild! I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m pretty casual, but interested in medium-heavy RP, some WPVP, the occasional BG, and 5/10 man dungeons. Not interested in raiding, but would help support a team with crafting / harvesting. ))


Tula’he is a young and head-strong tauren that seems more at home among the grimy streets of Orgrimmar, or even in the dark catacombs of the Undercity than she does among her own people. She’s slowly carved out a place for herself where the pleasure she takes in battle, and in tinkering with engineered gizmos, does not seem to perturb tribal elders. Along the way she’s discovered that she has a knack for scavenging materials, knowledge, and information from the most unlikely of places, a fact that honors her devotion to a Hyena totem spirit.


Journal Entries