I traveled threw most of the night. I made it to Camp Taur'ajo despite the large and danjerus thunder lizards just past our great gate. I could feel the lightning hanging in the air as I past. It was probabally a lot safer to pass them at night while they slepped. I got to the camp just before Sun rise, while many of the outposts were changing guards. I met a kind cow at the inn who let me take the rest of her night, as she was leaving when I got their. I'm great full for kind souls like that. She will be easy to recognize in the future, as you don't see many hunters with Plainstrider pets outside of Mulgore.

As I take seat in her bed and write this, I can't help but here what mother said over and over, how bulls should not show weakness in practicing the birthing rites. She doesn't know it's my calling. She doesn't know it's a Strength to go against silly tradishuns. The Earthmother does not see cow or bull, She sees the life you have helped to grow. I am frostrated with mother, thou I love her very much.

I write this with a hope full heart.


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