What a blur this has been. I met a wonderful, beautiful orc on the road from Camp Taurajo and she joined me for my travels. Her name is Nakk. She’s the most amazing person. She gave me her Orcish dictionary. Can you believe that? Just GAVE it to me. What kind of a person does that? She said she was done with it, she had read it through several times and was ready to get rid of it. I shared my attempts at learning to write Orcish and she pulled it out of her bag and GAVE IT TO ME. I’m still flabbergasted. Of course this journal entry is taking me something like four times longer than usual to write, but I’m spelling each word correctly and learning a bunch of new ones! As it happens, there’s a word for the Similarity Pairs that I was talking about in my earlier entries. Synonyms. It’s an established concept!

We navigated from Camp Taurajo to the Crossroads and conversed the whole way. She’s trying to make it as an investigative journalist and she’s looking for a story. I shared my troubles about mother and the birthing rites and she actually helped me out a lot, instead of just saying I should talk with mother. She could tell that mother won’t hear reason. She suggested instead that I head to Durotar to help with birthing there. I know, the gestation of an orc is very different than that of a tauren (they are only pregnant four moons. Can you believe that? That’s roughly a quarter of the time tauren gestate) but she says help is direly needed. The men refuse to become involved and ever since the Dark Portal, infants have been coming out with heads much too large for a safe birth. They need someone there to help these women before they all give up pregnancy. Many have sworn it off as a death sentence, and those few who are left feel very much alone. As I write this, I now realize that this is what the Earthmother has been calling me toward. I have a real chance to make a difference in the lives of not only the women, but the men and the children too. All of them.

I write this with a full (and literate) heart. Calves abound, this took a while.


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