📓 Far Watch Post

I didn't get to spend much time with Nakk in the Crossroads yesterday, but what little time I did get was marvellous. She explained first and foremost that I have to be gruff in Durotar. And that I have to stop using my ancestral sorts of language if I want the Orcs to take me seriously. This seems to be my best shot at heeding the Call, so I will listen and note her suggestions well. They are:

Learn the calendar Orcs use. No more of this moons talk, it's months now.

Ask for more than I actually want. They are a strong and unforgiving people, and they expect foreigners to be similarly greedy.

Wait much longer to answer questions.

Make a fool of myself if I sense their uncertainty. Orcs need to preserve their honor.

I think these changes are well within my grasp, but it will be quite an effort. Hopefully I can change their lives more than they change mine.

After Nakk left for Ratchet, I saw no further reason to stay in town. I left immediately for Far Watch Post (overlooking the river that serves as a border between the Barrens and Durotar) and traveled through most of the night. I made camp and slept for probably two hours before sunrise. Shortly after the sun came up, I was able to forage some breakfast and headed East. I made it to Far Watch Post in the late morning and watched the warriors sparring for the better part of an hour before finding a place to sleep. The barracks rents out cots to travelers stopping by, so I got decent sleep there. This evening I shall make my way to a place called Razor Hill that the locals say is between here and Orgrimmar. That is, if I don't want to chance it in the wilderness and cut across the dry landscape. Hopefully in the big city I'll be able to find where they hold their pregnant women and infants.

I write this with a reluctant heart.


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