📓 The Huntress

She was the one with the Plainstrider who gave me her bed back in Camp Taurajo the night I fled home. She was the kind soul that saw a troubled bull and left well enough alone. She's been only a day behind me since.

She left Camp T in search of some local caverns in this barren land, which are rumored to be full of life. I doubt it, personally. Her name is Tresleches and she found it in herself to give me responsibility for her bed without any skin in the game. I have a lot to learn from her when it comes to trusting.

Inspired by the orcs here at Far Watch Post, she's become my sparring partner. I sparred with several of the warriors here, but they all prove to be much too masterful against my combat technique to provide me with growth. No, the only way I can learn is to fight a more even match. And this Huntress seems to be a great partner so far.

She's also a great person, and I'm considering making her a travel companion. That is, if she can give up on the caverns. I've got to get to Orgrimmar and heed the Earthmother's call. If she can't afford the time to accompany me, then I might be lucky enough to run into her again some day.

Oh and get this, my mom helped deliver her back in the day. Weird, right?


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