I am a stupid woman. An utter fool. How could I be so reckless? I dared skirt close to those accursed woods, knowing that an infected beast or satyr often would stray close to the path.

My folly brought pain to my beloved Kyran.

I hadn’t been paying attention, far sight caught on something deeper in those dreaded felwoods. I wasn’t paying attention, but Kyran had been. There was a felpaw wolf lurking close at hand. The beast had charged me, but Kyran bowled it over before it could take a snap at me.

Before I knew it, the two were tussling and tumbling, with me with no chance to take a shot with how they were tangled. My Kyran held his own against that diseased mongrel, despite that beast being almost as large as him!

Still, somehow it managed to get it’s jaws deep into Kyran’s main which brought the two to a sort of tug-o-war as Kyran bellowed and tried to twist free while the wolf braced and clamped those jaws harder.

That moment was all I needed to stick three arrows in the beast’s gut, but still it clung to Kyran. Even in its death throes, the wolf kept its jaws sunk deep. I had to pry the animal’s maw from Kyran’s fur, only to reveal that my lion’s mane couldn’t keep those teeth from penetrating flesh.

Concerned about what sort of infections a Fel corrupted beast would have, I tended to Kyran on the spot and cleaned the wound as best I could. Kyran for his part, looked nonplussed about the whole situation and expected praise for almost taking out such a beast all on his own.

The idiot.

He behaved enough to let me fuss over him some more before we returned to Astranaar to bed for the night. Despite Kyran acting as if he’d only been scratched, I plan to keep an eye on that wound. It’s in a bad spot, too close to his neck and a hassle to clean due to his mane.

Before tucking in for the night, I snuck him a few extra fish to make up for being so careless with him at my side. The big oaf keep acting as if everything is okay, but every time I look at that bandage I’m wracked with guilt.


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