📓 Summons Home

I've just received a letter from a courrier from Chief Hawkwind. I'm needed at Red Cloud Mesa. There are several minor threats and a major threat that needs some sort of action. I guess I made a name for myself in Bloodhoof and they want my help for this. I don't mind the long voyage back, but I'm having difficulty leaving Tresleches. Her company has been immensely enjoyable this last week.

Not only has Tresleches been an excellent sparring partner, but the perspective she has on life is truly inspiring and has lifted me to a new level of Walk. She truly cares for all living things. Plenty of Shu'halo have a general reverence for life but a specific disdain for several different ilk, centaur and quilboar as an example. But this heifer actually cares. She wants to see the different kinds do well, and she only wants to set the encroachers back to their rightful place in Nature.

She's a rare hide and I wish to keep her influence in my life. While I return to Mulgore and she's off doing Skyfather knows what, I'll be practicing seeing the world in her way. I should make arrangements with her to meet again next moon. Maybe in Orgrimmar.


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