I knew the wound didn't look right. I knew something was amiss despite how Kyran acted as if that bite didn't bother him in the least. Big, ol' idiot has to act tough even if there isn't a lioness around for miles to impress!

Before patrol, I changed out the bandage of Kyran's bite and now there is a strange green tint where the flesh should be healing. The Stable Master showed as much concern as I felt, but told me he'd be fine with a bit of rest and some special tinctures.

Unfortunately, the woman's stores were running low and she would need a fresh batch to last Kyran the week.

The herbs she needs? Waiting to be shipped by the end of the week in Darnassus. Of course.

But if this is what Kyran needs to be on his paws and by my side, I suppose I can slink in and out of the city. Granted, it's not as if my folks live there...

It's Auberdine and that blasted boat that would be the problem, but what would the chances be of either of my parents going to market tonight? If I leave now, I could catch a midnight ship over to the city and not risk any chance of my parents spotting me.

If I've avoided them for these past four years, one day shouldn't make a difference.

It'll be all for Kyran, regardless. I owe him that much. One awkward run in with my folks is worth his well being.


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