Elune-Adore, Alliance companions! I had the pleasure of meeting with Gonebald recently regarding the Opening Ceremony he is organizing. Below is a transcript of said interview with answers to a few general questions, plus a touch on Gonebald's own opinion of Azeroth's threat forecast.


JANSITHER: Ishnu-alah! Thank you for taking the time to meet with me today, Gonebald!

GONEBALD: Thank ye, me lady. I like talking with an elf once in ‘er while. Ye ain't no dwarf, but you'll do.

JANSITHER: [chuckling] What I lack in dwarf charm, I make up in height! [she winks, nodding at him, and shuffles her papers] Alright then, Mr. Gonebald. You have quite the weekend planned! Please tell me a little bit about yourself and the ceremony you are putting together for both the citizens and guests of Stormwind.

GONEBALD: [initially looks confused by the joke, but proceeds anyway] Eh, me? Well, I'm the Master of Whispers in a guild call’ Dethroned. Which seems a lil' bit odd considerin' I'm not the quiet type. I been practicin', though. Anyways, me friend and I was sittin' around about 2 weeks ago and she came up with the idea for an Openin' Ceremony. T'was day dreamin' a bit so me don't member all the details. But she told me I should do the promotionons. I di'nt understand it either but 'pparently I s'pose to just tell people ‘bout it. Make sures you come. [points at Jansither] We going to celebrate the endin' of the Second War. There gon' be lot's of ale and snacks. And dancin' too!

JANSITHER: What a great way to commemorate such an awesome milestone! I know I, for one, am looking forward to joining you and the rest of the partygoers. Are there any other event staff that participants should look out for if they have questions or concerns?

GONEBALD: Lot's of me friends be helpin'. But if yas have any questions, I'm your dwarf. All this week ya can often find me in Stormwind at one of the taverns there. Me be drink... planning there.

JANSITHER: [smiles, raises hands in a shrug] Well, hey! The more people the merrier, they say! [lowers hands and crosses legs] Are there any micro-events planned for the Ceremony alongside the snacking, dancing and socializing, such as games, or are we going to see where the evening will take us and go from there?

GONEBALD: What more you need then ye ale?!? Me thinks, if I ‘member right, there be 2 speeches. But then the ale! Maybe we should do ale before speeches, too? I'll ask.

JANSITHER: I cannot help but notice what look like home-made information fliers for the ceremony, Gonebald. [flicks her wrist toward the papers, pointing her pen at them] Do you think that I could have a copy of those to complement our talk today? It would be great to display the event's information, especially since it is crafted by your talented hands!

GONEBALD: Aye! Well ya can have tha first poster with tha 'nouncement. [shuffles papers] The 2nd one be a Watch List for the guards. Ya can have that too, I'll 'member to tell 'em anyway. [reaches in pocket and pulls out a wrinkled paper with some crumbs falling off of it] And this 3rd one is just me To-Do List. Me need this one. … Naw, ya take it. Me memory like a hammer!

JANSITHER: [takes the fliers from him, trying not to think too much about who or what the crumbs came from] Heh heh, thank you, sir! This will help tremendously. [places them in her binder and quickly brushes her hands on her robes, trying not to be too obviously disturbed] Now, Mr. Gonebald, I would like to ask for your permission in touching on some more serious topics relating to Azeroth and the immediate area. Being that this event is in commemoration of the ending of the Second War, I think it is appropriate, but still, I want to make sure you are comfortable with it.

GONEBALD: Of course, me drink a lot, but I keepin' sharp eyes out and been hangin' 'round er'while.

JANSITHER: Excellent, thank you. [shifts her papers, pulling one from the back of her pile] I know that you are a dwarf, but you are also familiar with Stormwind - who, or what, do you believe to be Stormwind's greatest threat currently?

GONEBALD: Well me don't thinks the Horde comin' back anytime soon. But oh! Me was in Stormwind at the Blue Recluse. They don't have ales like Brewnall but it had to do. While I was there me heard of some big gnoll or pig walkin' ‘round just south of the gate. They called ‘em Pigger or Dogger or somethin'. Me usually good with names. Ya never know though when it comes to humans with ale. But if ya see the pig, ya should run.

JANSITHER: [raises one eyebrow and giggles] I have heard of the beast! I believe it is called "Hogger." I will be sure to spread the word. Maybe a group of adventurers will make their way down to "reconcile" the situation, if you understand what I mean. [pauses briefly] These next two questions should hit closer to home than the last. Do you think Ironforge is at risk of a Trogg invasion, and what do you believe will come of Gnomeregan?

GONEBALD: Hogger? Naw, me would 'member that name! Dwarves don't worry 'bout troggs too much. A stout Dwarf can take on a bunch of troggs! Me thinks a good Dwarven group could drive the troggs out of Gnomeregan. Then those little guys could make it like new again in no time. Easy Peasy!

JANSITHER: [eyes him, stifling a giggle] Very well, then, Gonebald! Before we wrap it up here, I had just one more question, focusing on a lighter subject again. After the ceremony concludes, do you have any other events planned? Do you think that you will integrate yourself as a solid contributor into the social planning of Grobbulus’s Azeroth?

GONEBALD: Tha best way to make friends is to get together with ales. Me wants to stay involved in more events. Plus me loves being orgabanized with me lists and stuffs! Where is that list anyway? [searches his pockets] O’ well, it's all in me memory! Thanks Jansither for lettin' me share in your paper.

JANSITHER: [bows her head toward him in respect] And thank you, Gonebald, for taking the time to talk to me. Before we go: Do you have anything you want to say to the readers?

GONEBALD: Bring ye friends, and see everyone at the Openin' Ceremony!

JANSITHER: Ande'thoras-ethil! Goodbye!


The Opening Ceremony will take place on the 31st of August at 6 PM server time in the Park District of Stormwind. Gonebald will be assisting and can be directly contacted with questions or concerns regarding the event. Activities include dancing, drinking, socializing, and celebrating! Come join the fun!


Supporting media provided by Gonebald:


As some of you may know, there were a few others who were meant to participate in the organization of this event. Among those are Klungo and Ted. Unfortunately, and with a heavy heart, I must announce that Klungo was made a tasty treat by a crocolisk in Loch Modan. Ted's whereabouts are currently unknown, and we have not been able to make contact with him. We are unsure if his disappearance has any correlation to Klungo's death, but the two may be connected.

And lastly, here is a personal message from Lerain to Gonebald regarding Klungo's passing:
"I'm sorry for the loss of your friend Klungo, he may be gone, but he will live on in all of our hearts. You've done amazing work, and if anyone is to be given credit, it's you."_


Somber announcements aside, we look forward to seeing everyone on the 31st at 6 PM. Farewell!


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