📓 Tirisfal Glades Report

I have spent a few days helping the forsaken in Brill. It wasn't long until I was recruited to join a guild. They seem like a friendly group and a shaman even gave me some spare bags he had and now I'm donating the herbs I find to aid in his alchemy research.

While in Brill I was trained by Austil de Mon, a forsaken warrior trainer, he has taught me a few new skills and sent me on a mission where I learned my defensive stance. I also worked for a few others in Brill. The tasks they needed done were simple enough had to kill some mongel grave robbers to north, some mindless u dead and wild beasts that live to the west, however the main enemy in the area appears to be the Scarlet Crusaders. I have definitely made a dent in their numberd. It pains me to admit this but they have a monastery in the north eastern corner of tirisfal where they have some elite troops that I am absolutely no match for. I must get stronger and I will come back and conquer their stronghold.

The apothecary has ask me to make delivery to silverpine forest. I have over heard some troubling rumors about the beasts in the forest and a keep they have overrun. I will make sure that I handle this threat swiftly as I push south getting ever closer to alliance territory.


Dawndew: ((Very well written.))

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