Journal, I don't really know where to start with this past week. I made the journey to Teldrassil with little issue and never saw a familiar face. Getting to Dolanaar was just as simply and I grabbed the requested herbs from the Innkeep quick enough.

I would have been on my merry way if a familiar voice hadn't flagged me down. Of all the people to run into, it was Doraku who had hailed me.

By Elune, I haven't seen the man since back in Hyjal and even then we'd only exchanged pleasantries and certainly hadn't acted as the friends we had been.

..I suppose that unfortunate party is as seared into his memories as the foggier version has been to mine. It twists my gut to think of it and who I was back then. A careless thing with little thought to Azeroth as a whole.

It's been so long, yet he looks almost the same. Perhaps a little more filled out now that he's taken up the mantle of a true warrior of the Kaldorei. He wears the armor well, truth be told.

Still, he greeted me as a friend and introduced me to a Human who was visiting the area. A curious man, that Human. His name is Barnabus and he is a near insufferable chatterbox. Fancies himself an adventurer. Insists he's the best one in all of Azeroth and by Elune he's determined that everyone knows it.

I don't quite know how it happened, but these two warriors decided that we were now a trio.

Doraku made some comment that I really should be checking in on my parents, but I brushed him off. Getting the herbs back to Kyran was of the upmost importance.

Thus I made my way back to Ashenvale, but now with these two in tow. There were many distractions along the way, what with that blasted 'explorer' getting into all sorts of trouble!

How he managed to find the site of an Old God's corpse, I'll never know....but it may have been for the best as there was some poor lost Human girl-child stuck within the pit with too many cultists afoot. We helped the poor child out of the pit and directed her up the road to Auberdine.

The trek to Ashenvale and Astraanar was uneventful, save for putting a few arrows into some stray Horde but I was happy to be on my home turf.

I got to check on Kyran and deliver the herbs, but was told there were many days yet before he'd be able to run with me again. His wound is looking well, no festering or signs of infection. He's simply languid, but eager to leave. The stable master assured me he'd make sure Kyran rested well and would get the salve applied daily.

At this point it had been an entire day and a half without my beloved and in the company of two idiot warriors, so I was none to pleased but at least Kyran is doing fine.

With little else to do, I let Doraku and Barnabus take our strange little group where they will. Somehow they got it in their heads that we needed to use this time to help everyone in all of Azeroth!

First it started with helping about Ashenvale, before a local asked us to check a station in Redridge along with culling their local Wyvern population. Along that merry route we happened upon a goblin who wanted help sabotaging a rival company who was cutting all of the trees down!

Oh journal, you should have seen the barren place. Miles upon miles of felled trees and a land swarming with grimy Venture Co workers. The three of us did our part in trying to cut down their numbers, getting some useless papers along the way for the Goblin.

Then the Wyverns... Those accured Wyverns. We slaughtered them wholesale, but ripping out those venom sacs as proof of the kill proved to be cumbersome. Apparently, skinning the beasts wasn't enough. We had to carve into their tails for the fragile venom sacs. Messy work, but the Horde will be severely lacking in air transport now!

I am pleased to report that during this time we felled an Orc warrior, two vulgar warlocks and one of their Shamans. A Tauren, sad to say but he helped his fellow Orcs and Doraku took him out for it. I am a little saddened by the Tauren's death, as they seem to care for nature as much as I, but this is war.

After we finally managed to trek back to Astranaar, get cleaned up and check the status of Kyran feet seemed to be itchy as Barnabus got it in his thick skull that the Eastern Kingdoms needed us.

I don't know about all that, but I can now say I've ridden that clattering monstrosity of a Deeprun Tram and have made acquaintances with Flight Masters all over Azeroth.

Now, apparently these silly little Humans are having some sort of a political kerfluffle. The Human King didn't see fit to pay his people properly and they suffer for it. Yet, Barnabus insisted we needed to aid those under Stormwind's banner as this- Defias Brotherhood was a menace.

Now, a glance from the outside would have me leaning towards helping them except for the fact that they seem to be terrorizing civilians for a slight from their King. They really should have gone through the proper channels for this, instead of harming innocents to vent their frustrations. Really, they were ravaging farms! I'd expect this behavior of Orcs, but Humans should know better.

This mission against the Defias took us through a place known as the Deadmines where I can say we thinned out enough of their numbers to satisfy the Human Commander of Sentinel Hill.

I do admit, there is a certain charm to these Human lands and satisfaction to be found in helping them with their silly squabbles.

Still, I'd been too long from Kyran and told my companions of my wish to return to Ashenvale. Barnibus took this as a parting of ways, but Doraku insisted on accompanying me. I'm uncertain on how I should feel about this, especially since he still keeps dropping hints about visiting my parents...

A mild annoyance for another time, journal as I am happy to report that Kyran is once more at my side. The Stable Master gave him a clean bill of health!

We celebrated our reunion by fishing up a feast for the three of us, dining on Slitherskin Mackerel until we'd burst!

Now I find myself tucked in for the night with Kyran dozing at my hip and uncertain of my next step. Perhaps I need to find a way to shoo Doraku along his way?

If I am being honest with myself, these past few days have been an enjoyable adventure. I don't have such a draw to get back to my solitary patrols here. Perhaps I will see if the locals need a little more help and see if Doraku decides to follow this venture....


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