Hello, everyone! Jansither here, bringing to you today the official transcript of the Solidarity (Opening) Ceremony which was hosted by Gonebald. The ceremony, which celebrated the 20th anniversary of the end of the Second War, took place on 08/31/19 at 6 p.m. and saw hundreds of Alliance attendees.

The ceremony began after players had gathered in The Park in Stormwind City, and was kicked off by a memorial walk through Stormwind’s Trade District, Cathedral Square, and canals. Once back to the park, the attendees organized themselves in the grass, eager to hear both Gonebald’s words and the ambassador’s speeches. Although wild, the ceremony was successful in reigniting the fire in the Alliance’s hearts, and some even went to cause havoc in Durotar afterwards.

On to the transcript:

Gonebald: This is an amazin’ opportunity for us to remember our tragic and heroic past and reaffirm our commitment to the futures and sorts!

Today we gather in memorial of the great sacrifices of the Second War.

Beginnin’ with the invasion of Khaz Modan and endin’ with the Alliance’s glorious victory at Blackrock Mountain, thousands of our kin heroically sacrificed their lives.

The battles at Dun Algaz, Dun Modr, Zul’Dare, Hillsbrad, Quel-Thalas, and Lordaeron City weigh on our hearts and inspire our courage.

Tha great sacrifice made by our kin will not be forgotten. Today we recommit to our great Alliance in their memory.

Ambassadors from all corners of tha world representing tha Alliance are here today.

Here to reaffirm their commitment to tha Alliance, please welcome Ambassador Gunner Hillsman!

Gunner Hillsman: My name is Gunner Hillsman, and I am a veteran of the 2nd and 3rd wars. During the 1st war I lost my mother and my home. I took up arms during the 2nd war with my father, who was one of the brave souls who made the ultimate sacrifice at the Dark Portal.

Through his loss, along with many others, we are standing here today. I miss my family, but I know they would be proud of the Azeroth we’ve become and I’m honored to be a part of something great with all of you. For King, country, and for the ALLIANCE!

Gonebald: Next, me would like to introduce ambassador Sir Adhemar Charney!

Adhemar Charney: It is an honor to stand before you all! All of this is to ensure the memory of those lost in their sacrifice remain unforgotten, as it will be a defeat by itself should a day come when none remember them. Light bless them and us all!

Gonebald: Our next ambassador is a night elf! Introducing ambassador Veritas Dreamsong!

Veritas Dreamsong: Thank you all for coming tonight to remember the fallen!

We have taken the path around the city so that we can honor those who had fallen before us! Those who fought against the Horde and other nefarious creatures upon Azeroth!

Those of us here have suffered in the past, the past three wars taking a toll. Though I do not know of the first two that your people have faced, know that the kaldorei have been with you and we will be your allies until the end. For the Alliance!

Gonebald: And now for the mighty dwarves! Ambassador Thadiggan Ironsoul please come up!

Thadiggan Ironsoul: Thank ye’ Lads and lasses for coming. I lost my brother, kin, and friend in the second war. Now we are remember them all. The blood we spill fer the Alliance will only serve the strengthen us all. Remember the fallen!

Gonebald: Also here from the dwarves, please welcome ambassador Oangus!

Oangus: Ironforge and our whole dwarven civilization would not be here without the Alliance. Our solidarity is the reason we survive today. Long live the Alliance, may she never be torn asunder!

Gonebald: Representing the gnomes is ambassador Gizzit, The Travelin’ Tailor!

Gizzit Grimwald: It is an honor to be present today. We remember the fallen. Hi, my name is Gizzit Grimwald. I travel the lands selling my tailor-made linen bags, shoulderpads, and various garments! To lighten the mood - I have a joke for you all…

What do gnomes and dwarves have in common?


Gonebald: And finally me would like to introduce the Chief Editor of the Grobbulus Times. She be workin’ tireleslly to keep us informed, Jansither Moonhaze!

Jansither Moonhaze: Thank you, Gonebald, and hello everyone! First off, thank you for taking the time to attend the ceremony today. It commemorates a great milestone for all of Azeroth, and it is nice to see you here supporting that.

As Gonebald has said, my name is Jansither Moonhaze. I am the editor-in-chief of the Grobbulus Times, and I would like to take this moment to invite all of you to join us in helping to establish the greatest journalism source in all of Azeroth.

We are seeking many writers, whether you are a beginner or an experienced journalist, and regardless of whether you wish to hold an official position with us, to capture the strife, adventures, and happenings across Azeroth.

At this time, I would like to introduce you to Jordana, a beginner journalist for our paper.

Jordana Flint: Hello all! What an incredible turnout!

Jansither Moonhaze: We will be holding short interviews to publish in the paper for those of you who are interested after the main event's proceedings. You may ask either Jordana or myself if you would like to participate.

We have another journalist, Avery Fenlock, who could unfortunately not make it tonight.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to have a conversation with me or contact me by mail. I would love to meet each of you. If you would like a copy of the newspaper for reading purposes, please send me a message and I will happily oblige.

Thank you, everyone, for listening, and thank you again for being here with us today. I wish you luck in your adventures.

Gonebald: Thank ya all for attending. Let’s celebrate! Break out ye ale!


Throughout the ceremony, there were shouts of encouragement to the Alliance, and a lot of support for those who spoke. Alongside the official speakers, we also heard from a couple of others. Please see their transcription below:

Anivia Frostfeather: The Druids of Aviana stand in solitude with the Alliance to defend the forests of Kalimdor from Horde defilement.

Azshal: We must remember the fallen, even in these tumultuous times. We must steel ourselves, for many unseen threats lay in our path. One thing is certain: The Horde will be met with justice; from all the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor alike. Even my flight shall aid you; this I vow.


I was lucky enough to introduce the Grobbulus Times at this event. The interviews mentioned will be posted in a staggered manner throughout the next week.

Thank you, Gonebald, for hosting the ceremony. And thank you, ambassadors, for taking the initiative to speak. We all thank you for what you have done for our community.

Here are some photos of the event.


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