This article contains material that the reader may find disturbing. Your discretion is advised.

We have received breaking news from Mysticmama that Shadow, a Dwarf hunter, was ruthlessly murdered in the streets of Stormwind late last night, 09/02/19.

Onlookers stood aghast around the freshly-slain Dwarf; some kneeled solemnly and silently to honor him, while others asked questions in disbelief: A murder in Stormwind? Who could have done this?

Shadow is the only reported casualty; however, the responsible party has not been apprehended and, therefore, we caution you to travel safely and with a friend should you venture out into Stormwind past dusk.

18+ -- A photo taken of the crime scene._

Please report any information you may have regarding this tragic event to your nearest Stormwind City Guard.


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