BREAKING: The Grobbulus Times have received a notice from an unknown distributor detailing the presence of a monster dubbed the "Witch of the Woods". A copy of the facial composite and note are attached below, for your reading convenience, straight from the source.

"Citizens of the Alliance, an evil has found its way into our home. Masquerading as a healer practicing the ancient, long forgotten ways, this monster corrupts the hearts of men and slowly drags one further from the Light. Beware the witch of the woods, do not answer its tempting call. Let the Light hear your pleas, not the dark magic of demons."

The ink that was used to scrawl the warning onto the page is still fresh, meaning that the threat is too.

Please keep your eye out for the "monster" our unknown informant has warned of. Although it appears to target men, we are unsure of its full potential toward women and others. If you have any information, please contact the Grobbulus Times immediately.

Thank you, and stay safe.


IriBlair: Iri lets out an angry groan, tearing the newsletter up after reading this "warning" and burning it in her small campfire. 10 More Words

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