📓 Into the Silverpine Forest

I had made my delivery to my new base of operations the Sepulcher. There is no inn here as in Brill, instead they use a crypt for rest. It is definitely different from what I am used too but I am grateful for the forsaken's hospitality.

The tasks in the northern half of the forest were pretty simple, just gathering materials from the wildlife for the apothecary, as well as some scourge and knoll population management. After that I was sent to deliver stuff to the undercity while there I ran into a priest from my guild and before I knew it I was on my way to the the ragefire chasum. I had taken up a shield and sword to protect my allies but I haven't used a one handed weapon in combat before. It took some getting used to but we prevailed.

With my aid no longer needed I returned to the Sepulcher where my deeds were starting to be recognized among the forsaken. I have gained friendly status with them and it was time to push into the southern part of Silverpine. This is where I am starting to experience difficulties. Mages from Dalaran are on expeditions here and they are hostile. Their frost magic is slowing me down and they aren't even the strongest threat. I'm unsure if they are cursed or willingly following the archmage Arugal but worgen control the area. I teamed up with a warlock and a rogue to attack their village at the base of shadow fang keep. We relied on the warlock's voidwalker to keep the worgen from overwhelming us until we approached the village's inn. I had heard a sound coming from the side of the inn and when I checked to see what was happening I saw a peculiar sight of a worgen attacking the biggest bear I've ever seen. However it wasn't a bear, it was a druid. The three of us rushed to is aid and he joined us for the remainder of our mission. We completed our mission and we return to the Sepulcher with a journal from the inn.

There is still more to do further south I will set out again tomorrow. My enemies are getting stronger I may need to go claim armor from the enemies that inhabit the wailing caverns in the barrens to ensure that I am properly equipped to claim this forest for the horde.


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