I've been remiss in keeping up with you, journal. I have not been keeping track of all my antics and fear I have forgotten all of the proper details, or even the proper order since I haven't been ending my nights with a write up. I admit, I have been too drained to bother picking up a quill. Ranging across all of Ashenvale is one thing, but traipsing all over Azeroth? A different story. Granted, the portals of mages and gryphons have helped a great deal in making such large leaps from place to place but we've done so much in between!

Prior to my solitude being so rudely interrupted, I would meticulously write down all of the happenings in Ashenvale nightly and catalogue any and all Horde movement I tracked. I would check in and give my reports in Astanaar when Elune watched from her highest point once a week.

Like clockwork. I may not be the most social creature any longer, but I was faithful to my schedule and could be counted on for my patrols. Ever since Kyran got sick, I had taken a leave of absence for his well being and my Darkshore trek only to extend it as I was swept up in the antics of an old friend and new.

Now? I got a knowing look as I switched from ranger duties secluded to Ashenvale to extend them where the Alliance need me. To Blackfathom Deeps. To within Stormwind's walls, in their own dungeon of the Stockades. To Redridge and back again. Many a Defias, Naga, Murloc, and Orc has died to my arrows these past few days.

All with Doraku, Barnabus, and a young Druid known as Manasa. She is a sweet thing, but a Druid who seems to need to nap within the Dream a little longer...

Still, she is a master of natural magic. She managed to keep the lot of us on our feet while all sorts of creatures crowded round, trying to get their pound of flesh. The dear managed all on her own with the four of us despite that Guard Captain insisting a fifth would do us well. Hah! I think he forgot Kyran, who obviously counts as our parties' fifth.

This group seems to ebb and flow, Barnabus and Manasa wandering off one day only to meet up with us once more to delve deeper into territories with far more threatening enemies.

Yet, Doraku stays. He insists it's to look after me and get me back 'home', but he's doing a piss poor job of it. The Warrior is all too willing to let something side-track him.

I wonder if this is how he has been traveling about all these years, letting the wind and a request of a stranger take him where they may.

I admit, traveling with Doraku has been-

Enjoyable? Not exactly the correct word. The fool had us stalking through Stonetalon Mountains Monday night. He insisted on finding multiple horns from the chimera who stalk through the Charred Vale because some random sod asked and he needed the new armor the exchange would provide.

Sigh. My childhood friend has become a tad obsessed with the armor he now meticulously cleans.

Now, Stonetalon? The last time we'd traversed there with Warrior Barnabus, we encountered many a Horde but they fled at the sight of two warriors in full mail and a Hunter. The other night?

Oh, they fled. Solo adventurers, groups of two or three or four. They'd flee and my arrows would decorate their back.

Then the Horde managed to get smarter if you can even imagine. They'd wait for us to engage with a chimera, or come at us en mass.

Now, I am a skilled shot but there isn't much to be done when Warlocks have sent curses ringing through your ears and one of those mangy cow Druids happens to be gnawing at your knee.

I can at least say I managed to fell a few before we departed swiftly.

Journal, it was a rough night. Eventually, we got those blasted horns and limped back to Ashenvale. Yesterday I can say we scarcely moved beyond tending to our wounds.

Now? Now I'm back on a boat, if you can imagine it. A letter came through the post and now aid is needed in Duskwood. I've never been to such a place, but the name alone sounds more appealing than the sprawling open spaces we've visited previously.

Human lands are all well and good with their rolling plains and meadows, but it doesn't feel right until the woods are thick and only moonlight manages to break through the leaves.

We will have to see what this Duskwood holds for us.


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