After bearing witness to the lively Solidarity Ceremony in Stormwind, I met up with one attendee by the name of Morton “Thickie” Thunderson, a dwarf paladin, at The Pig and Whistle Tavern in Old Town. Thunderson sat upstairs where he had already ordered a round of Dwarven Stout. He handed me an aleskin as I took a seat.

Jordana Flint: Thank you! I am happy we were able to find a quiet spot to sit!

Thickie Thunderson: Yes, agreed!

JF: Thickie, is it?

TT: Yes! It’s a nickname my uncle gave me as a lad.

JF: What a sweet tidbit!

TT: I was a bit of a troublemaker and always ended up sneaking a few pies.

JF: Is that so?

TT: So, the name ended up sticking in the Kharanos militia.

JF: That is often how it is with those military folks! My Pa was the same! [Noise from the tavern patrons interrupts us suddenly.] Let’s get this quick interview really started shall we?

TT: Indeed!

JF: Thank you, first of all, for your interest.

TT: Of course! I always enjoyed social events and this one was certainly one for the books.

JF: Can you please tell the Times how your adventures have been as of late?

TT: [Thickie wiped the ale from his mustache and cleared his throat.] My adventures have been outstanding so far. I have been joined by my comrades, Oakshadon, and Drambus. Along with the Wheelun brothers. The Wheelun brothers were a rowdy bunch back in the militia. [He drank from the skin of stout, a glimmer in his eye.]

JF: Are you all from military backgrounds?

TT: The Wheelun brothers and I are from the militia, but Drambus and Oakshadon are not. We met Drambus in the fields of Westfall while thwarting the Defias Brotherhood. Oakshadon was a recent addition to our troupe. She joined us in Darkshore as we attempted to rid the land of foul Satyrs.

JF: Satyrs!

TT: Yes, nasty creatures.

JF: Tricky foes? Easy to defeat?

TT: Their dark magics are a force to be reckoned with.

JF: I see.

TT: Quite tricky. However, our blades felt no troubles.

JF: In addition to the many beasts and creatures that roam Azeroth, have you encountered many Horde?

TT: [Thickie looked thoughtful, and after a long minute spoke up.] Yes! We encountered a band of warlocks traveling through Ashenvale. I charged ahead at full steam to defend Astranaar and my companions yelled after me, “Slow down Thickie!” It actually became a bit of a catchphrase after that. [He chuckled.]

JF: Oh my!

TT: I have a bit of a one track mind when it comes to Horde, ya see.

JF: What would you say is your motivation, then, out questing and adventuring in the world? Why do you do, what you do?

TT: Ta’ be honest, I’m a bit of a collector. My goal is to collect rare armor pieces for my personal gallery and display. I couldn’t say the same for my companions, but I know they share the feeling of wanting to grow stronger.

JF: Of course.

TT: We have known each other since the cold days in Dun Morogh.

JF: From where in Dun Morogh do you hail?

TT: Would ye’ care for another round of stout while we’re at it?

JF: This one is good, thanks!

TT: [The dwarf chuckled.] Yer mighty welcome!

JF: As I was sayin! Where abouts do you call home?

TT: My family has always called Kharanos home. Which is why I was so inclined to join the militia and take up arms against the troggs of the east. [JF: Aha!] I caught one of them polishing a shiny armor scrap and that’s actually what inspired me to collect.

JF: You have faced so many foes, what would you say has been the most challenging?

TT: Well, recently Drambus and I took down the mighty Mor’Ladim in Duskwood. A scary foe he was. [Thickie appeared disturbed by the memory.] I would say that was the first time I felt a little shake in me knees.

JF: How did you manage it?

TT: Well, we can’t take all of the credit. A few mages actually lent their aid in taking down the monster. Eventually he fell, and I was able to claim his blade, “Archeus.” [JF: Wow!] It’s a testament to all of my accomplishments thus far. One of my most treasured pieces. [The paladin held the weapon with pride.]

JF: [The tavern was beginning to fill up with more boisterous patrons.] Thank you so much again for your time!

TT: Yer absolutely welcome! Thank you for the opportunity to be included in the Times!

JF: I don’t mean to rush you, but I have a couple buddies downstairs waiting.

TT: Not at all! I understand the business of your work.

JF: Would you like to pose for a quick portrait?

TT: Sure. [Thickie gulped down the rest of his stout and flexed.]

JF: Wow! Thanks again!

TT: Yer welcome, Jordana! I’m happy to help with anything should ye need it!

JF: See you around and be sure to check out the Times!

TT: Of course!

As I bowed down the stairs, the paladin waved goodbye, his cheeks flushed and smiling.


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