This update is in regards to the murder that was reported two days ago, on 09/04/19. We have received a tip from a commenter of the Times regarding what appeared to be the murder of a dwarf, Shadow, in the Stormwind City Streets.

The commenter had suggested that Shadow, a hunter, was not actually slain, but was instead feigning his death for his benefit, regardless of leading others to worry.

I launched an investigation into the matter and visited the mortuary; there were no records of a Dwarf named "Shadow" having died. When I visited Stormwind Keep to ask the guards for a report of any recent homicides in the city, they stated that there were none to their knowledge. After I had spoken to the mortuary and the guards, I received an anonymous tip that someone had seen the Dwarf running around with his tiger.

Due to these discrepancies, I believe it is safe to assume that Shadow is alive and well, continuing to roam Azeroth as an adventurer.

Although this news may have had a positive turn around, please remember to stay safe out there. Always be prepared to protect yourself, even when you feel as though you are safe in your home.

And to Shadow: I don't know why you would feign your death, but I hope that you are doing okay, and I ask you to please consider the repercussions it may have on others in the future.

Thank you, everyone. Jansither signing out!


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