This is Curtis Anvilcrusher writing teh ye from Ratchet with the Grobbulus Times. BREAKIN' NEWS!

Reports 'ave been comin' in from all over Azeroth--from Alliance an' Horde alike. Citizens 'ave been claimin' teh 'ave no recollection of the last few hours. Many 'ave said they found themselves runnin' into a wall, others 'ave said they thought they 'ad picked up some items they found, only to find out that the items never actually existed. I found meself with a pan of completely burnt Blood Sausage, an' I swear on me Dwarvish honor that I've never burnt a thing in me life! Well, except me fingers in a fire I suppose.

Luckily fer you, I've done some diggin' on the possible perpetrator(s) behind all of this. There is a group of troublemakers that I've found a few writings on called the Devious Deliverers of Sleep, or DDoS fer short. Apparently, they are an old group that have a history of worshipin' Nozdormu, the Dragon Aspect of time. They 'ave a history of pulling stunts like this one, an' it seems likely that it's their hand at work again. The books say tha' the best way to handle this situation is teh give as little publicity teh the group as possible, as all they want is attention. This will be the only time the Grobbulus Times will mention the group, an' we suggest that it's the last time you mention them too.

Now, I have some more Blood Sausage to cook, an' I'm sure y'all 'ave some stuff teh get back to as well. So as always, keep yer feet on the ground!


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