Hello, readers! This is Jansither, and today I am introducing to you the Times's first project, "Well Met".

Well Met is a series of interviews focusing on the life and times of the common adventurer. Our goal is to learn and share how each individual of Grobbulus's Azeroth plays a part in the bigger picture, asking probing questions that will stimulate character-building and help the reader to view the world from their perspective.

The first volume of Well Met has already been published and was hosted by Jordana, who interviewed Thickie Thunderson. It is currently in the left column of the paper, so be sure to check it out! (https://grobb.org/e/365)

Our publishing schedule for Well Met is thrice weekly on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Be sure to keep checking back for more volumes!

If you are interested in sharing your story with Azeroth, please contact me and we can set up a date and time to meet. The paper is neutral, and therefore we can also interview the Horde!

Thank you, everyone! I hope you enjoy what we have in store.


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