I would like to remind everyone that we are still actively recruiting individuals to contribute to the paper, whether it be an official position or for fun! You can pick more than one job type if you are interested.

There are no quotas at the moment, though regular activity is expected. I intend to eventually pay commission to our writers (in the far future, when the economy stabilizes and I have a Horde chief editor, so that not only the Alliance are being paid).

Examples are from https://grobb.org, where our articles are written. They automatically fill in https://grobbulustimes.com.

Columnist - Official
Someone who specifies their interests and writes regularly-occurring articles on said topics. For example, if your interests are exploration and food, you could write a hybrid article about your journey to a certain place to try a certain delectable.
Ex. Categories: Exploration, Ambassador (guild affairs), Professions, Economy, Lifestyle, etc.

Field Reporter - Official
A field reporter is the one that dives into the action. You attend and report on events as they occur, giving the reader an immersive, first-person perspective of what happened! Screenshots (without UI) are a plus!
Ex: https://grobb.org/e/420

Interviewer - Official
Our project, Well Met, focuses on the adventurer - we need more people willing to interview those who are interested in sharing their stories. (If you're reading this and want to be interviewed, contact me!)
Well Met introduction: <https://grobb.org/e/391>
Ex: https://grobb.org/e/407

Horde Chief Editor - Official
Me! Except... Horde! This would require long-term training and a passion for the paper. More details will be worked out later.

Freelance Journalist - Unofficial
Anyone who wishes to log their own journeys and stories is absolutely free to do so.
Ex: https://grobb.org/journals

Please contact me should you be interested in any of these positions! Thank you!


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