This is Vayle Manglewood reporting with the Grobbulus Times bringing you Volume 4 of our Well Met series.

I arrived at the Ratchet Inn early as it is just right around the corner from the Grobbulus Times offices, and sat in anticipation fidgeting about not fully knowing what to expect from the interview subject that I was there to meet. When Moxie Bluetongue and her companion did arrive though, no one would have missed her. Moxie is a bit of an imposing figure, standing tall, her Orcish lean muscle apparent even under her robes. But her stature is not why this section of the Ratchet Inn has become so private all of a sudden. No, Moxie is a Warlock, and with her is a beautiful demon Succubus named Zahevere. While they carved a large path through the inn’s patrons, when I greeted Moxie, she offered a warm smile and welcoming demeanor.

Vayle Manglewood: Thanks for meeting me today Moxie, I’ve read some of your public journals and you have quite an interesting story.

Moxie Bluetongue: I do my best to write it down honestly, but a little embellishment here or there doesn’t hurt.

Vayle: How were you originally attracted to the dark arts of being a warlock? I’d imagine there’s some conflict there for your kind.

Moxie: Ha, now there’s a story. Believe it or not, we have my mother to thank. Droma the Sage, they call her; she’s out and about even now, skulking in Durotar somewhere. Refuses to dip her
fingers into any sort of summoning, but her skill with curses is... [ Moxie pauses and looks distant for a moment] Particularly frightful.

Vayle: Do you still have a relationship with her?

Moxie: We aren’t on speaking terms, at the moment. My father’s caught right in the middle. A veteran like him deserves better than all this, but my mother and I have a lot to sort out.

Vayle: So you came to this life through family, would you say that they prepared you well for the wider world?

Moxie: Oh, definitely not. We were the second string, you know. Back when the name Thunderlord meant anything. We crossed over to Azeroth because of a sorcerer’s lie, and it’s been confusion and violence ever since. [Moxie laughs and shakes her head] But since coming over to Kalimdor, I’ve been doing my best to find my own way.

Vayle: I want to be polite and not cut right to the chase, but I can’t help myself. Can you explain to our readers about your….relationship with Zahevere here?

Moxie: Isn’t she spectacular? I’m afraid the sorcerous specifics of our situation are, ah….well, they’re complex. We’ve been working together for some time to delve into the history of the sayaad, but…

Zahevere leans across the table and flashes a surprisingly pleasant smile

Zahevere: Digging through the epoch of madness in pursuit of a single linear thread of thought is… well, needle, meet haystack. Haystack, needle. But over the course of all that research, we’ve gotten to know each other very well. [She laughs to herself] Romance finds us in the strangest places.

Vayle: Oh, I did not expect to be addressed by you. I’ve never spoken to a ahhhh, ummm….one of you before.

Zahevere: If it helps, or if it doesn’t [she laughs] it serves well enough to think of us as married. We’re a good match.

Vayle: I didn’t know, and I imagine our readers would be curious as well, that someone like you Zahevere could form that kind of attachment.

Moxie: Sorcerers and succubi fall into infatuation often enough, but she and I are [she chuckles] well, we’re a little older and a little wiser, I like to think. I hope your readers follow our example and treat the demons in their lives with a little extra kindness.

Vayle: Being that you have this relationship with Zahevere, do you summon other demons forth to aid you in battle?

Moxie: I can’t say I’ve had any need, no. We’ve been traveling together for years now, and… despite the kind of friction you might expect, from our fellow fold in the Horde who’ve been spurned by demonkind we’ve never felt much need to leave each others’ side for long.

Vayle: Do you ever worry about putting her in harm's way?

Moxie: Harm has a way of finding us, as you might expect. But I trust her with my life and…

Zahevere: [she laughs and tosses her hair seductively] Naturally, I trust her with mine.

Vayle: I have to ask, and please don’t think this is rude, but people will question the foundations of this relationship as Zahevere doesn’t necessarily have a choice in whether or not she’s in your company, Moxie. So, what would you say to the people who would level that complaint towards you?

Moxie: You’ve seen for yourself that she speaks as she pleases. A warlock who doesn’t exert control is supposed to lose the mental struggle, see their sorcerous bonds broken, and be betrayed, isn’t that right? And yet [Moxie shrugs and raises her eyebrows to Zahevere] Feel any particular urge to kill me, dear?

[The demon only laughs and shakes her head]

Vayle: Well, I can’t argue with love and I can’t say I’ve ever seen a bond quite like this one.

Moxie: Tell your friends. I like to think a little compassion applied in the right places could change the face of warlockery as we know it.

Vayle: Have you met any others like you on your travels?

Moxie: Others like me? A few, maybe. Impkeepers, largely. Bookish types who like an eager companion in times of boredom. For a young warlock, I think that’s best. A fuzzy little man who hangs around and tells jokes has to be good for a young person surrounded by such deep, ancient shadows as we find in our trade.

Vayle: Have you experienced any discrimination amongst the horde? I mean, I know that warlocks, especially Orcish ones, always get some discrimination. If you were Forsaken, you may have an altogether different experience, I think.

Moxie: Making friends is slow going, I’ll tell you that much. Now, I have joined up with a little social club in the past couple weeks, and they’ve been good for me. But ah.... We keep our distance from the busy markets. Lots of camping out under the stars and keeping each other company.

Vayle: Switching gears here, how are you feeling about the current state of the Horde?

Moxie: Despite everything, I find myself proud to be part of it, even if it is a tad less proud to have me. This is bound to sound grim, but death does wonderful things to a human. The Forsaken are a remarkable people; all the best parts of humanity, unshackled from the pretense that wrapped them in tin and draped them in pretty blue rags all those years ago. I’m glad to call them neighbors. Between their company and the wonderful trolls and tauren...or should I call them Shu’Halo? I never know, but I do know I appreciate their spiritual acumen. This Horde feels like home.

Vayle: Well, I think that getting your story out there is going to go a long way towards the Horde being proud to have you, I know that I am!

Moxie: Oh! That’s very kind of you to say, Vayle. Thank you. [She chuckles] I’ll do my best to continue being as good a role model as I can be.

Vayle: So, have you encountered anything strange in your adventures? I mean...more strange than your own tale. [ I chuckle, then catch myself]

Moxie: As secret-seekers, we’ve found ourselves down at the bottom of many ruins. Especially here in Kalimdor, where you can find marble pillars knocked over every quarter-mile or so. But when it comes to the particularly strange, I fear I have a warning about the covens of Desolace.

Vayle: Oh, please elaborate.

Moxie: Experimental sorcery. Random summonings. Freewheeling warlockery with no sense of scale or scope or sensibility. Their circles are sloppy and their materials are rudimentary garbage. And the less you respect the ritual, the more you can expect to draw forth a rampaging monster. Steer clear of Desolace, or send an army there. Those are the only safe options anymore, from what I’ve seen.

Vayle: That does sound like a cause for concern. Given your relationship with Zahevere, do you take issue with the other warlocks misusing the demons they summon?

Moxie: Anyone with a heart that beats, [she eyes me] pardon the expression my dearly departed friend, would balk to witness these abuses, I think. It’s no more correct or sensible to channel the viciousness toward a demon than it would be toward your own family. What we draw forth out of nether is alive, thinking, a whole person, after a fashion.

Zahevere: Sometimes you have to peel back a few layers to find the person underneath the corruption, but they’re in there somewhere.

Vayle: I think many don’t see demons as being the most sympathetic of beings, but you make a compelling case, we should show some respect for all thinking and feeling things. Heartbeat or not.

Moxie: In an ideal world, we’d all have the patience, and the protection, to undo the damage done in the people and creatures bound to the Legion. Instead...we’ll surely have to do more fighting than we’d like.

Vayle: So, Zahevere, I’ve long been under the impression that demons don’t like being in our world much, but you’ve obviously adapted. Can you talk about your experience a little?

Zahevere: Clothes were a nice change. The standard issue armor chafes, you know. But crocolisk leather pants, frilly little poets shirts...there’s something satisfying about picking out what to wear in the morning. [She pauses, thinking about the question a moment longer]

Before you come through, you are an unmade thing. The summoning ritual binds the ruined essence of what you are to the shape you’re meant to be, and then you’re suddenly, terribly alive, yoked to some idiot who wants to have a little entertainment, usually. It might be a little tacky to compliment Blue out on the corner of my mouth while she’s right there, but [she chuckles] I got very lucky. Summoned by the right set of hands, for once.

Vayle: So Moxie, is there anything else you’d like our readers to know?

Moxie: I suppose this is my chance to make a little statement. I’ll try to not make a windbag out of myself.

Vayle: It’s no problem, the platform is yours.

Moxie: I want your readers to question what they know about the darker shades of sorcery. The shadows we know exist for a reason, and we’ll never know the good that lingers in them without someone to carry a torch down into the dark.

Vayle: That is a good point, and I think we’ll end it there. Thank you so much, both of you, for sitting down with me, this has been a very enlightening chat.

Moxie: It’s been an absolute pleasure Vayle. Thank you for this opportunity to reach out.

If you wish to read more about the adventures of Moxie and Zahevere you can find Moxie’s journals here


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