📓 Defeat in the keep

With the successful expedition into the wailing caverns I returned to finish my tasks in Silverpine. I was able to easily take on the mages of dalaran and take down their boss in the area. I had received two final tasks which seemed relatively easy, kill some mindless scourge in a cave to the south and deliver research to the apothecary in Terran Mill. Upon arrival to the cave I encountered a shaman on the same mission. I was more than grateful to join him as I personally hate dealing with the fleshless scourge skeletons. I can kill ghouls all day no problem, but those skeletons are are annoying. I can't make bones bleed, I have been trained to rend my enemies to weaken them and win longer term fights, but skeletons DON'T BLEED. Anyway, clearing the scourge went smoothly and the shaman invited me to join him on his attack on Shadow Fang Keep. Originally I was going to immediately turn him down as I knew from the scouts reports I was no where near strong enough to attack there yet, but he assured me victory as his guild was sending a powerful champion who could probably just do the job by himself.

We arrived at the keep, there was four of us in total the shaman and I were now accompanied by another warrior and a powerful rogue. The rogue sliced threw the worgen with ease, the stables and courtyard were quickly conquered. Upon entering the dining hall was when things went south. One of the worgen got a few good hits on me before the rogue secured the room. My injuries weren't any so severe and were well within my first aid expertise. Luckily I had found some wool cloth on the worgen in the courtyard, so while I was making a couple of bandages the rest of the group moved on. After I finished tending to my wounds I noticed that it seemed a little quiet. Sure I know rogues are masters of stealth but the shaman and warrior that are with him are anything but silent. Then I hear footsteps coming down the staircase my allies departed to, unlock up to greet them and there I see two worgen each accompanied by a worg. They charge me, I reach out to grab my weapon when one of the worg bite's crush my right hand. As the second one approaches I swap to defense stance and manage to block him with my shield. With one mighty pull I yank my hand free from the worg's mouth, simultaneously breaking many chains on my mail gloves. I knew that it would be impossible to swing my axe in my current state and I had to escape. I knew I had no healing potions left but I did have a swiftness potion. I quickly threw my weapon into my bag and pulled out the potion as I slid across the table and made a dash for the exit. As I cross the bridge we had entered from I noticed they didn't peruse me past the gate. I do not know what became of my allies, I doubt those worgen could kill the rogue but I have not heard from them since.

I returned to the undercity to receive treatment and have my armor repaired. The Horde Trauma Unit told me that almost every bone in my hand was broken and had forbidden going on any mission. However dispite being told to rest I went to see the warrior trainer and while I did master retaliation, I also worsened my injury. To receive additional aid my doctor sent me to Terran Mill to "see a specialist" but I think it was just to keep me away from training in the under undercity's war quarter. I still had to make the delivery for the apothecary so I didn't dispute his decision. I may have made one more mistake that slowed my recovery. Using the possiblity of conflict with the alliance along the main roads impeding my recovery as an excuse, I took a "short cut" through the Alterac Mountains. Let's just say there are big spiders and I am very grateful for the members of Horde Trauma. I have been sitting idly in Terran Mill for a week now but as of tomorrow I will be cleared for combat again. This settlement is the closest I've been to an alliance town and I am eager to return to duty.
For The Horde


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