Have you noticed that your thigh rub is wearing a hole in your new Devilsaur Leggings more quickly than it should, or that your sword slips and slides in the grasp of your Devilsaur Gauntlets? Then you may have been a victim of fraud by Raedorai, the crafty (no pun intended) kalordei leatherworker!

Reports have come in that wearers of her wares have been experiencing a lack in performance when taking their newly-purchased "Devilsaur" pieces out into the field. We have a statement from two anonymous victims who wish to help us spread the word:

"Look, lass! Bein' a dwarf has its perks, but me legs are thick, and ye know ye'v been scammed when yer legs rub through yer pants! I didn't spend me hard-earned coin on some low-quality pelt! I'm tryna get me mileage on these things - at least a week!"

"So I thought they would be trustworthy, seeing them selling them all the time. But after just a couple adventures I already have holes in both knees and some of the stitching has already started to fray! I can't believe this is happening to me.. I spent most of my gold on these!"

"She warned me before I purchased them that the Gauntlets would need to be broken in and would be stiff for awhile, so I practiced with them for a week. Well, my guild needed me for Onyxia and, as a tank, it's very important that I be able to use my hands! The gloves still hadn't been broken in, and instead, I couldn't grip my sword properly! It fell to the ground in a 'clunk', and I think even Onyxia herself laughed at me! Needless to say, my whole guild is on the lookout now, and I had to fork out the money for the repair bills!"

We purchased a pair of Leggings and Gauntlets from her, under the guise of an inexperienced adventurer, and got to work in the lab to discover what was wrong with her product. To our surprise, they aren't actually made from Devilsaur - they're made from PLAINSTRIDER!

Beware, everyone, and be choosy of who you do business with! Of course, we do not condone the harassment of Raedorai, but we felt the urgent need to make you aware of her practices! Take care of yourselves.


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