Well met! This is Kourinakis Cullach writing about an event near and dear to my heart, Brawl Night!

Every Tuesday evening at 8 bells, The Brawlers Guild hosts Brawl Night. It's an evening filled with ale, laughs, and of course, brawling! If you're unfamiliar with a good brawl, the concept is simple. We lay down our fancy weapons and armor, coming only equipped with our pants, boots, and belts (pants and boots were requested by most of the Tavern owners that we checked with). Then we duke it out with just our fists until someone gives up!

This is the type of event that can bridge people of all races, occupations, guilds, and interests, so don't feel intimidated! We have both experienced and fresh brawlers participate, so don't worry about feeling too outclassed; though it is good to try your hand at taking down some of our experts!

The location of Brawl Night changes from week to week, so make sure you stay in contact with people from The Brawlers Guild to find out where it will be! This week, The Lion's Pride in Goldshire hosted Brawl Night, and it was great fun. We even got some pictures from the evening!

If you find brawling to be something that you're passionate about, you can contact me via mail and I can talk to you about what it would look like to join The Brawlers Guild!

The walk to The Lion's Pride

One of the many brawls!


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